What Saved You from Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner

I’m dealing from a case of sudden nerves.  I keep worrying that despite all of my preparation with the protocol, the hyperemesis gravidarum monster will jump out from around a corner and smack me in the face with a stick.

To help myself feel better, I’ve decided to build an HG Kit.  I imagine it to be along the lines of a disaster kit.  I imagine a kit filled with the basic essentials I will need going into it.  This way everything will all be in one place, and I won’t have to scramble around yelling at everyone while I find all of my stuff.

I’ll post more detail about this at a later time, once I’ve assembled my supplies, but for now, I’m asking for your help.

What saves your butt when you’re worshiping at the shiny white altar?  What gives you comfort when you’re yodeling produce?  What helps keep your bucket singing at bay?  Is it a cold wash cloth?  Lip balm?  Knee-pads?

Let me know!  I’m compiling my shopping list for the weekend, and I’d love to include your suggestions.

2 thoughts on “What Saved You from Hyperemesis Gravidarum?

  1. Gatorade. My then 10 year old son highly recommended Gatorade and brought some from his Grandma’s house—he was so convinced it would help me. It saved my life, sip by tiny little sip. I couldn’t drink like a normal person. I’m sure you know how that goes. But if I could take a few sips, my energy level would change within minutes and I’d feel more alive. Some people make slushes and take bites as needed.


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