Ginger and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

I will be giving ginger a shot to help with the hyperemesis gravidarum this time around, but I wanted to very briefly make my position on ginger as a treatment clear.

Ginger alone is rarely (if ever) enough to treat HG.  Ginger can be fantastic for helping with morning sickness, motion sickness, and general stomach upset, but it often will not work for HG.  To go one step farther, for many HGers, ginger is a trigger, meaning that instead of helping with the nausea, it can actually cause vomiting.

Some of the most painful and intense vomiting I experienced during my last pregnancy involved ginger snap cookies and a few swigs of ginger ale.  Any HGer who has experienced this will tell you that ginger burns like fire coming back up.  The flavor and the spice not only burns your throat and mouth, but fills your entire sinus cavity.  And not in the pleasant, hot mustard, sinus clearing way.  In the horrible, oh-my-God-my-eyeballs-are-melting kind of way.   The pain and intensity were so bad that to this day I am not able to drink ginger ale.  I would never, ever recommend that someone suffering in the depths of HG hell ingest anything that contains ginger.

That said, I will try using ginger as a preventative measure.  I included it in my protocol, and when my doctor and I discussed this point, she indicated that it might be helpful, but that I should stop using it as soon as my body no longer tolerates it.  You will see me posting a bit about ginger, but if you have a friend or relative suffering from HG I just ask that you please keep in mind that ginger is very rarely tolerated in HG patients.  If things like ginger worked, we wouldn’t be shelling out the big bucks for the Zofran and the hospital stays.

Hopefully it helps me, but I won’t be surprised if it does not.

4 thoughts on “Ginger and Hyperemesis Gravidarum

  1. I am so happy to have read this post, as well as the rest of this blog!! Its really like I could have written this all myself, unfortunately. 😉 I hope that we both get less of the “ginger” advice and can survive HG without going crazy!


    1. I would love, love, love to link to your blog, since you’re living this nightmare right now. How do you feel about me adding you to my front page?

      I hope you find relief (and home health!) soon.


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