Morning Chicness Bags for My Hyperemesis Gravidarum Kit

This week, I also got to experience the phenomenal customer service of Tara Ramos, fellow hyperemesis gravidarum survivor and the creator of Morning Chicness Bags.  These are the fun alternative to the plastic grocery sack puke bag.  She’s taken the concept of air-sick bags and made them pretty!  There wasn’t a way to order a variety pack directly on the website, so I emailed her directly.  Within an hour or so, we were communicating.  I got my order placed for 50 bags in a variety of design options, and she got them packaged up and out the door the next morning!

They arrived this past week and they are so pretty!  Whoever thought puke bags could be cute and pretty!  As I told Tara, I can’t say I’m looking forward to using the bags, but I do look forward to the sunshine and cheer they will bring me when I feeling crummy.  They’ve even got an inspirational message on the bottom: “Take one day at a time!”

 And hey!  We’ll probably get to try them out tomorrow!  We’re taking a road trip to visit some of my family for Thanksgiving and the Grasshopper gets carsick.  Joy.  But at least she can harf in style!

Oh, I almost forgot!  The other thing that came in the mail this week was… My FABULOUS New Boots!  Yeah, I know, not HG related at all, but they’re so pretty!  I love you Nordstrom’s Shoe Department!


Disclaimer: I received no compensation or discount from Morning Chicness for mentioning them in this post.

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