B6 for Hyperemesis Gravidarum

The B6/Unisom combo (home-made diclectin) will be my very first line of defense against hyperemesis gravidarum in addition to the Zofran/Ondansetron.  I know that sublingual B6 exists.  I’ve heard it talked about on the helpher forums, I have imaginary internet friends who have taken it.  Why then, is it so hard to get locally?

I started by trying to get it from from my local big chain pharmacy.  As I expected, no luck.  The pharmacist’s assistant told me that all the vitamins are over on the shelves, which they’re not since I get prescription folic acid and I know for a fact that prenatals and other vitamins are available via prescription only.  Also, there was no sublingual B6 there since I already looked.  The pharmacist looked at me like I had three heads and proceeded to grill me about why I can’t just take a pill.  When I elaborated further, he suggested… wait for it… ginger.

Yes, Genius.  I just handed you a prescription for a month’s supply of Zofran, which is around $35 for the generic PER PILL (thank GOD for insurance).  My prescription is for 4 pills per day for 30 days.  Do you really, honestly think we (insurance and I) would be shelling out $4200 a month if ginger was likely to be a viable option?  All I wanted was some info on whether or not sublingual B6 could be ordered.  That’s.  It.

Clearly the chain store can’t help me with this.  Next stop, my local health food store.

My local health food store has a huge selection of vitamins.  It’s where I generally go to get all of my vitamins.  In this case, though, they’re coming up short.  They’ve got various sublingual B complexes, which on the surface sound great!  B12, B6, Folic Acid all in one little tab is a great idea.  Until I flip over the bottle and read the content.  It’s all tiny amounts of B6.  If I’m looking at taking 100-15o mg/day, 5 mg isn’t going to get me very far.

They looked into ordering it for me, but this has turned into a major ordeal.  I checked in a week after they were supposed to have ordered it, and they hadn’t ordered it.  They placed the order right then, and a few days later, they called me saying it had come in.  When I got it home and looked a little closer, it turns out it wasn’t sublingual at all, just plain Coenzymated B6. So I took it back.

When they started looking into it, their book appeared to be incorrect.  They’d ordered what appeared to be the right thing.  The numbers matched.  It’s just that the bottle didn’t specify that it was sublingual.  They said they would call the company for more info and then call me back.

A week went by.

I ran out of my multivitamin (New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily – wonderful and non-puke inducing, expensive but worth it), so while I was in picking up a new bottle, I dropped by the supplement counter to see if they’d heard back on whether or not I could take the B6 sublingually.  After much standing around and waiting, it turned out that they hadn’t called yet.

He did call them the next day and left me a voice message saying that the 100 mg, which I bought, is not sublingual but the 25 mg is sublingual and would I like to go ahead and order that.

I’ve tried to call them several times this week and hit voicemail every time.

At this point, my frustration level is pretty high.  Why is it so hard to get sublingual B6?  I’d like to get it locally so I don’t have to fool with shipping, but this is just getting ridiculous.

I just want my vitamins already.

Update:  It took a few weeks, but my local health food store finally came through for me!  Yippee!

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for the products I mentioned in this post. These are simply what worked for me. Links are not affiliate links.

3 thoughts on “B6 for Hyperemesis Gravidarum

  1. I’m guessing you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby? That’s where I got mine. It’s only 2mg of B6, 800 mcg of Folic Acid and 1000 mcg of B12.


    1. We do have TJ’s here, but check the B6 dose on that one. I’d have to take 50 of those per day to come close to the 100 mg dose I need. That is why this is such a challenge. The theraputic dose I need is so much higher than the normal daily maintenance dose that most people take. The other complicating factor is that having one that adds Folic Acid could cause issues since I’m already taking the maximum Folic Acid dose of 5 Mg. In this case, it’s better and safer for me to get the vitamins on their own instead of in complexes.


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