How much does Zofran cost?


In preparation for my upcoming fight with hyperemesis gravidarum, I went ahead and had my full Zofran script filled.  I dropped it off yesterday and then picked it up (part of it anyway) today.  No, I’m not pregnant yet.  We are going overseas for a couple of weeks, though, and I’m stealing the motto from the Boy Scouts.  I’m going prepared.  I wanted a few days worth of Zofran to pack into my travel kit, which basically will contain all of my first level HG defense items.  Unisom, PrimaBella band, B6, pepcid, ginger, etc.

Yes.  I will be a walking pharmacy.

So at any rate, while I was getting the script filled, I asked the pharmacists assistant if she could tell me how much this would have cost without insurance.  I was morbidly curious.

She tapped a bit at her computer.  Tapped a bit more.  Got a weird look on her face and tapped a few more times.

“Ma’am,” she said, “It’s just over $2000.”

I said, “Oh, s***.”

And the promptly apologized for cursing.  She explained that she had been pretty surprised when I handed her the script.  Usually doctors only write for 8 pills at a time or 8 pills per month.  That’s all most insurance is willing to cover.

Imagine?  Having hyperemesis gravidarum and only being allowed 8 pills at a time?  That’s 2 days.  Not enough to do diddly for you.  What a cruel, cruel joke.  The sad part is, I know women in the online community who deal with this.  Regularly.

$2000.  For a 25 day supply.  And that’s the generic.  The full prescription is for 100 pills of 8mg ODT Zofran (aka Ondansetron).  You do the math on this one. Thank God for our medical insurance.

In only slightly related news, I received more shocking information this week.  Shocking in a good way.  My sublingual B6 arrived!  The local health food store was finally able to find it.  They ordered it, and I picked it up last night.  Success!  It, thankfully, did not cost $2000.

9 thoughts on “How much does Zofran cost?

  1. What a crime that it costs so much. With my first HG pregnancy, it was SO expensive. But the second time I was getting the generic for only $2 a pill! Which was a good thing because we were paying for it out of pocket. I don’t know why it was so cheap for us, but I know it was the generic version (starts with an O…Ondestetron??)


      1. I was just getting it from my regular pharmacy. My husband actually just corrected me and told me it was closer to $1 a pill. I don’t know how/why I was getting it for so much cheaper???


      2. No really — NO coverage at all. (And I promise I’m not making this up — haha!) I just remember that when I found out I was pregnant, the nurse at my doctor’s office said “Well at least you can get the generic Zofran for so much cheaper now!”
        Also, when I was pregnant with my first I ended up ordering some generic Zofran from some website for MUCH cheaper. It came from another country…I want to say Canada…and it was really cheap. It was $99 for 100 pills.
        I probably sound like I’m off my rocker, lol. But I’m not making this stuff up!


  2. It is crazy how much it cost. I was spending about $8 a pill as well and only getting maybe 5 days worth in one hit. But it was the only thing that came close to controlling the symptoms. Unfortunatly my Ob took me off them at about 7 months. I have since found out other people were on Zofran their whole pregnancy and their babies were fine.

    When I found out I had HG I was gon smacked to find out how little is known about it with health professionals.


    1. That’s so weird caspette. Why would your doctor take you off them at 7 months? Last time, except for a short period in the 2nd trimester, I took them the entire 9 months.

      Was the $8 with insurance? What that the out of pocket cost to you?


  3. Absolutely shocking. I chime in with my “Thank GAWD for solid insurance.” And hurray the sublingual B6 arrived, just in time for the trip too! Safe and healthy journeys!


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