Getting Things Done Before the Hyperemesis Gravidarum Starts

I’ve got this powerful drive lately to get stuff done that I know I won’t be able to do with hyperemesis gravidarum.  Considering that we’re actively trying for a baby, it seems like that day could happen any second.  My poor husband is just being dragged along for the ride.

Last weekend, I cleaned out my fish pond.  I have a gorgeous fish pond in the back yard, but it had started getting a little mucky.  It was full of string algae and mulm (fish poop), and the plants needed to be trimmed for winter.

I cut back the plants, scrubbed the string algae out of it with an un-used toilet brush, and cleaned out the filter.  It’s a task getting the filter out since the pond is about 4 ft deep and narrow, but I managed it!  The filter was horrible with mulm.  I’ll spare you the gruesome details.  Let’s just say the waterfall is falling much more vigorously now.

We also finally decorated the Grasshopper’s room!  She’s been with scuffed white walls and a mattress on the floor since we moved in.  In defense of that, the mattress on the floor was deliberate.  That’s been her bed since she was about 10 months old.  We can snuggle up together and there’s no risk of her falling out.

Saturday, my darling sister came up from LA, and we painted the room a gorgeous shade of sky blue.  It turned out fantastic!  She was thrilled when she saw it.

Sunday, we spent the day putting IKEA furniture together for her.  It’s mostly white furniture (with the exception of the natural wood toy chest), and it looks gorgeous against the blue walls.  Best of all, there were no fights as we were constructing the stuff!  Not even in the midst of building the bed, which for a while, we thought must actually be a piano because it had so many pieces.

See?  It's a piano!
See? It’s a piano!

We accomplished the seemingly impossible, though, and last night, for the first time, the Grasshopper slept in her big girl bed.  She seemed to really love it.  The look on her face was priceless.  Finally, she’s living in a child-centered room instead of a converted nursery.  The bookshelves are all at her height, the toys are in a toy chest that she can reach.  Everything is geared toward her comfort.  It’s wonderful.

kids room

The room is not quite finished.  I need to get the curtains made and hung and the tree decal up.  Okay, so I haven’t bought the tree decal, but imagine a pretty tree with little red birds flitting around.  I’ve got a few pictures to get framed: A Totoro batik that we brought back from Japan and a few Miyazaki lithographs.  Also, we have some pretty wooden letters that spell out her name.

We also have to get her a new lamp because the geniuses who built our house failed to install ceiling lights in any of the rooms, and floor lamp + active kid = begging for a disaster.  I’m planning to get one of those round paper lanterns.  Yeah, I know, they’re so cheap, but I really like the playful look of them.  Also, they plug into the wall meaning we don’t have to hire an electrician.

In addition to the home decorating stuff, I’ve been on a food-finding mission.  The question I keep asking myself is, “What won’t I be able to eat when I get pregnant?”

We’ve been doing the spicy-food tour: buffalo wings, burritos, Indian food (ahhh, Indian food, how I love thee!), Thai, steaks…  Also garlic stuffed olives.  I’m lovin’ my garlic stuffed olives.  My husband, not so much.  Note to self:  Eating garlic stuffed olives might be a great non-hormonal form of birth control! I think he is a little surprised with my food enthusiasm lately.  I mean, I’m always pretty enthusiastic about food, but lately it’s been a MUST EAT INDIAN FOOD NOOOOW kind of enthusiasm.

I just keep trying to think of things I won’t be able to do when I actually do get pregnant.  Kind of like a bucket list only instead of a metaphorical bucket, it’s an actual bucket.  That will sit by my bed.  Yeah.

So I’m just going, going, going like a woman on a mission.  I’m just trying to accomplish all I can before the pregnancy hits.

4 thoughts on “Getting Things Done Before the Hyperemesis Gravidarum Starts

  1. Aww! Her room is super cute! Sounds like you are getting a lot done! I wish I could be more productive! 🙂 While you are on your food mission, please eat lots of Mexican food on my behalf. The Mexican food scene is sadly lacking here in Edinburgh, so I always ask people to enjoy it double time for me since I can’t. 🙂


  2. I looooove that color on her walls! I may have to risk the stigma of having no personal originality and steal that color from you for Siah’s room. Travis is planning on making him a wooden toy chest for his birthday. He’s in need of a big-boy upgrade too. His bed is his crib with a side taken off. So I guess it’s like a toddler day bed. We purposefully bought a convertible crib so we wouldn’t have to buy him a new bed the moment he outgrew his crib. The mattress on the floor is nothing to apologize for…Josiah slept on a pallet on his floor for a long time for the EXACT same reason! We let him pick out a Thomas the train comforter and then made a pallet on our floor for him to sleep on (our way of weaning him out of our bed). After he got used to that, the comforter moved to his bed, and the transition was fine. He went looking for “Choo choo” that night, and slept like a baby…literally.

    It’s a great idea to have an HG bucket list. I sure wish I’d known (don’t we all) what my pregnancy journey would entail before I dove in. I would’ve eaten my beloved Thai food for months beforehand. Enjoy it!


  3. I had a great time helping you this weekend! 🙂 The room looks perfect. I love the bed and all the furniture. That’s great you guys are hitting up the spicy food department while you still can. I’ve got to cook you shrimp in a pink sauce (the Indian shrimp dish mom taught me) ASAP!!!


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