The Post We’ve all Been Waiting for!

So, it’s like this.  You see, there’s this place where all the storks live and on special days… No, no.  Let me start over.  So when a bird meets a bee… No, that’s not right either.  Let me try again.  When a mommy and a daddy love each other very much…

Have you figured it out yet?  We found out on Monday that I’m pregnant!


All I can say is, “It’s a darn good thing I’ve been working so hard to get things done!”

I’m currently vacillating back and forth between, “YAAAAY!” and, “OHCRAPOHCRAPOHCRAP!”

I am in my 4th week, with the 5th starting tomorrow.  For those who aren’t familiar with how they figure it, they count Week 1, Day 1 as being the first day of your last period.  That’d be Christmas Eve.  Now you know way more about me than you thought you would!  Or not.  Isn’t the point of blogging to over-share just a little?  Just work with me here.

I know folks traditionally wait a while before telling everyone, but part of this plan in seeking support is to tell everyone straight away.  If we wait until 12 weeks to tell people about it, that will leave me suffering alone for way too long.  People can’t support us if they don’t know what’s going on.  We’re taking a risk.  I have a history of ectopic pregnancy, so right now, we’re kind of in a holding pattern to make sure things are all in the right place.  I’ll have an ultrasound either next Thursday to make sure it’s not implanted in my spleen or anything freaky like that, and then we’ll have another one the next week to see the heartbeat to make sure all is well on that end.  Following that, my doctor will be seeing me every week to make sure I’m staying on track and not getting sicker.  I love how incredibly proactive she it.

We’ve already told our families.  Their reactions ranged from excited to worried, but mostly really excited.  My mom, apparently, had a premonition and woke my dad up at 4 AM Wednesday morning to tell him.  I couldn’t get her on the phone Tuesday night, so I wasn’t able to tell her until Wednesday late morning.  She’s pretty worried, so we talked a little bit about what an awesome doctor I have.  We’re just trying our best to stay positive.  Realistic, but positive.

Today, I’m going to talk to the folks at work.  I’m lucky enough to have as my mentor the head of our HR team, so she is uniquely suited to coach me through this.  I’m going to meet with her at 1 PM for a coaching session, and then I go into my weekly 1-on-1 with my manager at 2 PM.  Talk about timing.

Ask me if I’m nervous.

Oh, yeah.

My husband and I talked a lot about it, though, and they need to know upfront what’s going on.  He really encouraged me to tell them this week and not wait around even a little bit.  When the proverbial midden heap hits the windmill, they need to know what to expect from a work standpoint.  Last time, I tried and failed to tough things out until we were “ready” to tell people at 12 weeks.  This put a strain not only on my relationship with my bosses, but on the relationships with my co-workers.  They were being asked to pick up my slack and they had no idea why.  We’re trying to avoid that situation here.  Again, it’s a case of folks not being able to support me if they don’t know I need the help.

And I think it’s a good thing we’re being proactive.  I already don’t feel… quite… right.  I can’t describe it exactly.  The past couple of days, I haven’t been nauseated, just feeling off.  This morning, I woke up, felt okay, got in the shower, and then definitely felt nauseated.  I’m thinking it will be a week, 2 weeks tops, before all hell breaks loose.

The ptyalism is kicking in already.  That’s new.  I didn’t have that last time around.  Breakfast on Tuesday morning felt like sand in my mouth.  It was awful and I really had to force it down.  I switched to eggs on Wednesday, and that seemed to be much easier to eat.

So what am I doing at this point to fight off the HG monster?  My immediate reaction, as per my protocol, was to change my vitamin routine.

Here’s what I was on before:

  • Morning: 1 New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily multivitamin, 2 MG folic acid, 50 mg B6
  • Night: 2 MG folic acid, 50 mg B6

Here’s what I’ve switched to:

  • Morning: 1 New Chapter Every Woman’s One Daily multivitamin, 1 mg folic acid, 20 mg Pepcid, 25 mg B6, 6.25 mg Unisom (or .25 of a tablet), 550 mg ginger
  • Noon: 25 mg B6, 6.25 mg Unisom (or .25 of a tablet), 550 mg ginger
  • End of work day: 25 mg B6, 6.25 mg Unisom (or .25 of a tablet)
  • Night: 1 mg folic acid, 20 mg Pepcid, 50 mg B6, 12.5 mg Unisom (or .5 of a tablet), 550 mg ginger, 1 Colace tablet

I spoke to my doctor on Tuesday and she said that “off” feeling is a sign that I need to increase my attack.  At this point, I can increase the Unisom slightly (something I don’t want to do because of the sleepy side effects), add in the PrimaBella wrist band, and/or start taking the Zofran.  This morning, I started using the PrimaBella wristband.  So far, so good.  I’ve also brought extra ginger tablets with me, and an extra Unisom/B6 dose.  I’m still sticking with .25 of a tablet, but I’m taking them a little more often, about every 3 hours.

Tomorrow, I’m thinking I might bust out the Zofran.  Or today.  I’m not sure if I’m dealing with a serious case of denial about all of this.

So that’s it!  I will likely post earlier than Sunday to update you guys on how the work conversation went.

Now we’re just waiting!

21 thoughts on “The Post We’ve all Been Waiting for!

  1. Congratulations! You’re baby has similar timing to my youngest. You and your family will be in my thoughts.

    Mary / Aud


  2. Congratulations Molly!! How exciting!! My prayers will be with you… I know you’ll need them. I get what you mean about feeling “off”. If I’d known then what I know now… I had that “off” feeling about a week after we conceived. People say, “You can’t know that quickly,” but I sure did. In fact, I took 6 pregnancy tests and got 4 faint lines (one was at a doctor’s office) and 2 positives. Doc said they did that because I was SOOOOO early pregnant, there wasn’t enough HGH in my system to show up on the less advanced tests. But somehow, I just *knew*. It was that feeling.

    I never had the ptylism. So reading about you having it will be new for me! I hope hope hope your journey is something you are prepared for, and I know it’ll be worth it in the end. You have been so proactive and realistic, it’s inspiring (well, not inspiring enough for me to jump on board, but inspiring in general ).

    Good luck, God bless, and YEA YEA YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Congratulations! Hope things are better in this pregnancy than last time. Good for you for having a great dr. and being proactive.

    Anisah (Michigan Girl)


  4. I am excited for you, and hope that your preparations are the sort like when people buy all Walmart’s bottled water anticipating a winter storm and then still have it six years later because they didn’t need it.


  5. Congratulations! I wish you all the best and pray you are able to keep the sickness at bay.
    It was a year ago yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with my 3rd. I know very well all the feelings you are going through and can relate to that “off” feeling.
    Your attack plan looks great and your doctor sound very helpful.


  6. Congratulations and best wishes for the best possible pregnancy!!! Gabi and this baby will be able the same ages apart as my two daughters; I thought the spacing worked out wonderfully.


  7. I wish you the best outcome with every part of this pregnancy. I am so impressed with your preparations. In a best-case-scenerio, I hope you aren’t sick enough to need everything–but if HG rears its ugly head, I hope your efforts pay off.

    I am excited for your family.


  8. I have been following your blog on and off when I can, because I too want to start TTC but I havn’t done enough prep work yet. I have mental prep work to do which is the hardest (due to TM) I think we sometimes talk on the helpher forums too.

    I am thinking of you so strongly and wishing you a wonderful pregnancy. I hope all your hard work will pay off so that this will be easier for you and give hope to others. Please keep updating.
    Everything you do is so inspiring


  9. Congrats, congrats, congrats!! I think it’s wonderful that you are being so proactive, and your doctor sounds on top of her stuff as well! The vibes we be on a steady flow to you!!! YAY! 😀


  10. You guys, I am completely overwhelmed. Thank you so much for all the well-wishes. Right now, I’m coasting on this euphoria. I want to celebrate this happy time as long as possible. Thanks so much for celebrating with me. You guys help me to believe that I really can do this. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support.


  11. CONGRATS!!! Pal, you can do this. I’m not saying it will be easy. I’m guessing this because of the list of symptoms you are already having. Ptyalism SUCKS. But it too shall pass. You may get to the point where you keep a “spit cup” with you at all times, and it just becomes an extension of you–something you live with that becomes routine. Bothersome, but not the end of the world. Childcare is one of the most important things right now, but you’re a planner, so I know you have all this sewn up. I know you know this also, but it bears saying:
    EAT! EAT NOW OR FOREVER HOLD YOUR PEAS! LOL! Seriously, eat as much as you can, WHATEVER you want, don’t hold back. Because it is possible that a day is coming where you’d sacrifice integral body parts just to be able to eat a sammich. I’m glad the grasshopper has been “into” that kids’ book. Baby intuition? Whatever it is, thank God. It was one small step in the arsenal for preparation. Doing HG with another kid is rough, but IT CAN BE DONE. For me, there were times where I just had to LET GO of being my 5-year-old’s mom in order to get the girly bun baked. THAT’S OK. Let me say it again, THAT IS OK. Where others ride the wave, HG sufferers ride the tsunami; our reality is different. Call for backup and let them take over for a while. Lining that up has been part of your prep, so in a way, they represent you still mothering your daughter even when you can’t “actively” do so. YOU CAN DO THIS. Do some really fun things with her while you can. Take lots of pictures of you and her and the fun times, and put them in a little photo album for her. Lots of smiles, lots of hugs, lots of kisses for her to carry and keep. She can remember these “Mommy and Me” times when she is flipping through the pics with Daddy and Grandma, etc. They will remind her that those special times will return. (Uh oh, I feel another kids’ book coming on. MAKE IT STOP! LOL!) Spiritually, there is a time for everything. This is a time of great joy and yet, perhaps great suffering. THAT IS OK. Accept it. Do what you have to do. You will learn great things.


    1. Ashli, first of all, thank you so much for your support. It really means a lot. Second, what a brilliant idea to make the grasshopper a photo album. Scrapbooking is already a bit of a hobby of mine, so that would be a fun, quick thing to do. Brilliant!


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