Waiting for the Hyperemesis Gravidarum storm to hit



I know the whole “calm before the storm” thing is a little cliché.  Sorry.  It just really seems to fit how I feel waiting for the hyperemesis gravidarum to kick in.  So I’ll just get it over with and say that I’m in the calm before the storm.

I’m now on my full zofran regime.  I had to start that yesterday at work.  8 mg every 6 hours.  I’m not waking to take it through the night.  Yet.

I’m becoming a slave to the clock.

5:45 AM: stick zofran in mouth and lay back down.

7:00 AM: multivitamin, ginger, unisom/B6, colace, pepcid, folic acid

10:00 AM: unisom/B6, ginger

12:00 PM: zofran, colace, ginger

1:00 PM: unisom/B6

3:00 PM: unisom/B6

6:00 PM: unisom/B6, zofran, colace, ginger

9:00 PM: unisom/B6, folic Acid, pepcid, sleep

So far, I’ve been trying to keep track of all of that in my head.  It’s pretty hard to do.

I’ve had tiny waves of nausea breaking through here and there.  Teeny, tiny nausea.  Not enough to make me need to sit down, but enough to let me know it’s there.  Enough that this morning, I started coughing that very special cough in the shower.  That cough that’s less of a cough and more of a gag.  A few times I’ve thought I needed to burp, but it’s only a gag.

Mostly, I feel pretty reasonable, but I can tell when it’s time to take a med again.  That’s when the monster gives me a little lick on the back of the neck just to let me know it’s there and waiting.

I’ve been doing a whole lot of eating.  Right now, the eating helps keep those tiny prickles of nausea away.  I’m eating all the things I won’t be able to eat later on.  Last night my husband surprised me with raqulette!  It was like a mini-celebration.  That is a treat any time, but it’s especially a treat now.  I had onion rings and part of a burger for lunch today.  I didn’t eat much.  It didn’t make me sick, but the flavors just didn’t appeal to me.  The sweet potato fries and the pickles were pretty good, so many thanks to my friend H for letting me bogart some.

The ptyalism kicked in again after lunch.  I’m not feeling nauseated, but I definitely just want to be a bump on a rock.  My frown is not upside down.

I wonder what my last meal will be?  Last time, it was a Chipotle burrito.  Maybe it will be a burger and onion rings.

I wonder if my “bad smell” will be the same?  Last time it was the smell of horrible rotten cottage cheese that emanated from the refrigerator.  Note: there was not any actual cottage cheese present.  Not ever.  Will it be the same?  Will I have a new smell this time?

I spoke to our HR lead yesterday.  She said to wait to tell my boss.  Employment law and disability leave is apparently pretty complicated in California.  She wants to get me all the information and come up with a communication plan before we talk to my boss.  She’ll follow up with me today or Monday to go over everything and come up with the plan.

I’ve started using the PrimaBella wristband.  It’s very weird.  I’ll probably dedicate a whole post to it later.  Let me just say now that it’s very hard to type with electrical impulses shooting down the nerves into your fingers on a 1 second cycle.

Now, I’m just trying to get through the rest of the day.  I’m feeling progressively worse.  I don’t want to drink my lovely, expensive Teavana tea that was so delicately and lovingly brewed.

I’m also waiting on my doctor to call back with yesterday’s blood draw results.  We are watching to make sure the HCG is rising appropriately.  The way I’m feeling, I’m going to bet that it is.

7 thoughts on “Waiting for the Hyperemesis Gravidarum storm to hit

  1. I’m lame because I just can’t get twitter. But I did subscribe to your blog. The first one I have subscribed to and I visit quite a few a day.

    Try to stay positive, I 100% of course know HG is not a mental thing, but I do think it can be a little better than if we let the anxiety of it all take over.

    So it is very very possible that this is not the calm before the storm. This may in fact be the storm.

    Why have you stoped with the milk thistle? can in not be taken during pregnancy?
    I also saw on the HER forums a poster a long time ago that insists on protein. So even though you are trying to load up and eat all the things you won’t be able to ( i know the feeling) try to stick to non greasy foods. Eat as “paleo” as you can. and try (foodment- eggs) I know this might not even help, but I am having faith that it will, for my own sake and for yours!

    I think yo uare going to be ok. You have done so much prep, you are ready for what may come, but you’ve done good prep so that you may avoid all of it too- so stay positive and hopeful


  2. Congrats on the news and best of luck with this journey.

    I’ve done 2 HG pregnancies now (baby #2 is only 3 weeks old) and it’s tough. Hopefully it’s easier and/or more manageable this time for you!


  3. also wanted to say use your essential oils. But them in water by your bed at night or on your pillow. Curious if that will work. And definetly load up on fluids now, you should be the fluid queen!

    Next time I am going to try to eat at night and drink at night, because I was always able to get up and have a little water at night, but i never tried having a whole meal and going back to bed, so i plan to do that. I plan to have someone bring me food and water next to my night stand and every time i wake up to force myself to eat and then pop a bendryll or something to get be back to sleep quick and then if I don’t eat or drink during the day it won’t be as bad


  4. My last meal in my last preg (which is hopefully my last preg!):
    fabulous New York style pizza
    FABULOUS greek salad
    very mediocre tiramisu – bleah.

    I’ll never forget it.

    Listen, I know you prepared out the wazoo and all, but don’t feel bad if it comes and it throws you for a loop. Hopefully this is all there is, but if it gets shockingly bad, don’t let that be additionally discouraging.

    YOU CAN DO THIS come what may.


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