My Landscape is Starting to Change

Things began to shift last week.  And not for the better.  I was glad enough to have the guest post to take space up for Thursday’s post.  I felt crummy enough that I just stayed home.  I mostly laid in bed and watched a Destination Truth marathon.  And felt sorry for myself.

Friday was my appointment with Dr. Awesome.  She could tell that I was starting to feel bad.  She offered to write me out of work completely, but I’m not quite ready for that.  So she wrote me out for half-time.  So at this point, I’ll be working mornings, and then coming home in the afternoons which is when I feel the worst.  She did a quick sonogram, which was really good.  We got to see the heartbeat.  She said I was measuring at exactly 6 weeks on Friday, so it seems my math is pretty much perfect.

Here’s a picture.  The dark circle is the amniotic sac and the little blobby thing at the top is the baby.  The larger blobby part, which looks like the head to me, is actually the yolk sac, and the little squiggle next to it is the baby.  Not much to see, but it’s there and the heart is beating, so I think that means everything is official.

Baby at 6 wks

It certainly feels official.  I haven’t thrown up yet, but the nausea is settling in pretty well.  I’m having major food aversions which sucks because I’m at the point where I can still feed this thing.  As long as I keep feeding it, I can keep it at bay.  That’ll probably change at some point in the future.  The trouble is, eating just takes so much effort.  The last thing I feel like doing is putting something in my mouth.  It kind of sucks.  It will likely get a lot worse.

I complained a bit to my doctor about all the food sitting right up under my chin whenever I eat.  Reglan would be the thing to help with that, but I can’t take Reglan.  Domperidone would be another option, but they don’t sell it in the US.  You have to get it shipped from overseas.  Also, it’s something that we want to avoid if possible because it hasn’t really been studied in pregnant women.  It’s in the probably-safe-but-we’re-not-quite-sure category.  So we’re avoiding that for now, and I’m just concentrating on not letting my food spill out the top.

I know I’m not drinking enough.  If I drink when I eat, it’s bad.  But since I’m trying to snack all the time, it’s hard to know when to drink.  I need to find a way around that.  Dr. Awesome suggested putting saran wrap over the open top of the glass and poking a straw through it.  That way I won’t have to smell the water.  I really appreciate that she gets it.

My mouth tastes like week old armpit.  Which is odd because I just brushed my teeth.  I can also smell the refrigerator.  More precisely, I can smell that the air in there has been refrigerated.  The temperature of the air stinks.

And I still just wonder which day it is that I’m going to finally throw up.

My husband is being an absolute rock.  He is doing everything right now, and I really appreciate it.  He has also agreed that it’s time to hire a housekeeper, so we’ll be calling about that later in the afternoon probably.  The hope is that this will make all of our lives easier.

7 thoughts on “My Landscape is Starting to Change

  1. Molly, I’m so sorry to hear that the tides are turning. I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately, and hoping for the best all the time. Like you, I couldn’t handle Reglan. It causes horrible stomach cramps. When I tried to tell the nurse who gave it to me that it made me ache, she laughed and said, “I doubt it… that’s a very rare side-effect of Reglan. You probably read that in the prescription pamphlet.” I hadn’t. But when I told my doctor, she nodded and said, “Yeah, that happens sometimes. I’ll put in your file that you can never have it again.” Then when I had Siah via c-section, the anesthesiologist tried to convince me to take some before the surgery, but Travis stood there insisting I cannot have it. The doc really tried to make post surgery sound awful (getting sick afterwards), but I was certain in my heart I would never get sick again once I had this baby, so I wouldn’t need any Reglan. I didn’t.


  2. Hang in there, girl! Good call on the housekeeper… the sooner, the better!!! The less you have to do, the easier it will be to take care of yourself. (And not worry about everything else getting done.) I “love” the way you describe the temperature of the air stinking. haha. SO accurate. That HG nose is a weird thing- a horrible weird thing that makes everything worse. I’m so glad you have your amazing Dr. Awesome- it makes the whole situation so much easier. I had a Dr. Awesome of my own. What an incomparable blessing! So sorry you’re feeling so crumby now!! I’m praying for you! YOU CAN DO IT!!! As you well know, it’s going to be SO WORTH IT!:)


  3. Hi! I’m Laura. I thought I might as well introduce myself as I plan on following your blog for the whole pregnancy! 🙂 I had HG with my first (and only so far) pregnancy. Had a Zofran pump from weeks 15-33…threw up in delivery…ya know the drill. (Wish I could have started the pump at week 7!) Anyways, just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your doctor! If she wouldn’t mind moving to Texas for my next pregnancy, I would be forever grateful…haha. I know you may not be up to responding to comments, but I’ll be leaving them anyways. 🙂 I really appreciate your posts and your openness about how things are going. I’ll be cheering you on from the sidelines!


  4. Hi there! I am so sorry to hear you aren’t feeling well! However, I am sooo glad you put so much preparation, thought, and research into what may or may not have been heading your way. I am also so glad you have a doctor who understands and supports you. That is soooo important in any medical situation! Also, the description of your mouth being like an armpit is probably one of the best descriptors I’ve read in a loooooong time. Your ability to paint a picture remains undiminished!! 😉 *hugs!*


  5. oh I get it. Yeah reglan doesn’t work for me. They put it in my IV pump and I was uncontrollably shaking, like seizures. Really scary stuff. Not worse than the compazine, which was a mental side effect. So I’ll take the physical any day of the week, but hey if I can avoid both all the better.

    Try the liquid by your night stand thing. I found I could drink at night when I woke up. and only FOODMENT* tropicana berry punch*END FOODMENT

    All the women who have great doctors, be sure to write in to and let them know you have a dr who gets it, if that dr. isn’t already on the referral list.

    Still searching for my Dr. Awesome in South Florida.


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