Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Last Night was the Night

The hyperemesis gravidarum has begun. Last night was the night that I finally threw up. I was brushing my back teeth and didn’t realize how sensitive my gag reflex was.

Now, whenever I eat anything, I get a horrible taste in my mouth. It makes me not want to eat. I’m nauseated most of the time. I stayed home from work today, and tomorrow is my doctor’s appointment. I’m pretty certain she will take me off work full time.

What was I thinking doing this again?  Did I really think I could fight it off?  Well?  I can’t.  I don’t want to eat, I don’t want to drink.  I just want to crawl into a hole.  I want the bad taste to go away, but the minty smell of the gum turns my stomach.

Last night for dinner my husband made me a sandwich.  I had to force it down.  The Grasshopper came over and kept asking for bites of my sandwich and I kept giving them to her because every bite that she took meant one less bite that I had to take.

And this isn’t even bad.  What am I going to do when it really gets serious?

14 thoughts on “Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Last Night was the Night

  1. Awww sweetie, I’m so sorry. Makes my stomach turn just thinking what your going through. I use to wish they could put be in a coma for the first 4 months. ((Hugs))


  2. So sorry! What a miserable feeling. You may not be able to win the puke battle, but you will win the HG war! You’ve already got one precious bundle to prove your first victory and your second will be just as worth it. Hang in there. We’re rooting for you!

    P.S. I totally agree with Hayley – a coma for the first four months would be wonderful!!!


  3. I’m sorry! I was in your shoes this time last year – it’s awful! I started throwing up at 5 weeks 2 days. I also had the awful taste in my mouth ALL THE TIME. The only thing that would help was cinnamon gum. You would not believe my anger when Altoids stopped making their very strong cinnamon gum during my pregnany!

    Thinking of you – you will get through this!!!


  4. I’m so sorry that you finally threw up!

    I think we all have those feelings of “why did I do this” and “how am I going to get through” when the HG hits. When it gets serious we just put one foot in front of the other and take it minute by minute. We get through it because we have to — knowing that each time we vomit it puts us one step closer to having that beautiful baby.

    It’s tough. Some of my darkest times are during both of my HG pregnancies. Do what you need to do to get through and know there are so many of us who understand and empathize with what you’re facing.


  5. “What was I thinking doing this again?”

    You were thinking that being a mom is the most amazing thing a human could hope to experience.

    “Did I really think I could fight it off?”

    Maybe not, but most awesome soldiers have a battle plan and for that, I admire you more than words can say.

    You’ll do this. I don’t know how, I only know that you will.

    I cannot wait until the day we get to see pictures of the Grasshopper holding the one you’re growing today.


  6. I wish I had words that would take it all away and make it easier, but I don’t. What I can tell you is that you have my support, no matter what decisions you make along the way, and I will be your cheerleader no matter what those decisions are.


  7. I always feel like I have the taste of blood in my mouth along with the other horrible tastes. My lips are so chapped from the dehydration and weather that it could actually be some bleeding too. Icy Pops seemed to help me a little yesterday.


  8. You know I was thinking so strongly of you yesterday. I didn’t mean to curse in my comment, but when I read your post, that is literally what I said.
    I was so hoping this was going to pass you by.
    And I know its so easy to slip into the isolation and depression of this and very easy to say what was I thinking, etc. And it is probably good that you have to be accountable to all of us on here, lol because it keeps you from the isolation a little bit. 🙂
    But you need to stay positive. I don’t minimize how difficult that is to do, when you feel like poop. But I swear I think it can make a difference, the perspective we apply to it (as long as possible- because there may be some days when it is too hard to even stay positive). I think about how the fear overwhelmed me and I made my decisions based on that debilitating fear, so your mental state, does have the power to effect you and the path you walk (this is rambling, but I hope some of it makes sense). DISCLAIMER: I am in no way in the world calling this a phycological disease. Just that your mental health will effect things.
    You know why you did this. We all know why you did this! and it totally sucks that you have to go through this, but it will be worth it. You knew it might be an uphill battle, but you also know you will conquer it. And we know you will. You are lucky to have so many people around cheering for you and Dr. Awesome to look out for you ( I know you know all this)
    And it is quite possible, because of how prepared you are, that it will be less than what you previously experienced, or for a shorter duration and will be better managed and therefore just do-able. As PP said, Not sure how you it will be do-able but it just will be. One foot in front of the other.
    And throwing up once? It’s ok, that’s a walk in the park right?
    Another suggestion that might be stupid but in my prep binder, I have a list of craft projects I want to get done if I’m ever stuck in bed, When I was sick I couldn’t read or watch tv or go on the computer, but I think I might have been able to knit or scrapbook- maybe? So something to think about to keep you busy during the day when you are off of work and just laying in bed. I think later on too, having the goal of studying for the bar helped a lot too. Even though I felt sick reading and listening to the lectures, it was just another schedule and way to look toward the future and something forced to stick to- Just noticing that my last pregnancy major sickness coincided with my vacation time, so I had nothing to do but lie in bed and be miserable and I don’t think that was good for me, just extra time to stew in my misery. Does that make any sense?


  9. This part of your pregnancy diary reminds me a lot of someone else’s pregnancy diary. Lessee…whose was it, whose was it…



  10. Urgh. I feel your pain. I had no choice. I was puking from five weeks. And the worst thing for any latent anger issues was when someone would say to me “have you tried sucking on ginger” 0r eating ginger biscuits or having a slice of bread next to the bed. Of course I tried EVERYTHING! urgh. It was the worst.

    I can’t really give you any major words of advice, sadly. You just have to keep your eye on the prize. *hugs*


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