Hyperemesis Gravidarum Sent Me to the Hospital

medical doctorThe hyperemesis gravidarum landed me in the hospital for the first time this week. I’ve been feeling pretty bad for the last couple of days.  This morning I called my doctor’s office.  She’s out so I had to talk to a different doctor.  He had me go into the hospital’s Labor and Delivery ward for fluids.

I felt pretty good while I was there getting fluids.  It helped that it was during the time of day that I usually feel good.

I had to explain to a very handsome young doctor about the zofran and the pooping and the enemas.  Talk about humiliating.

They send it a paramedic in training to start my IV.  Big mistake.  I warned him that I’m a tough stick on a good day and this was not a good day.  He smiled and said, “Don’t worry, it’s my first time.”  I was pretty sure he was joking so I smiled back and said, “I bet you say that to all the girls.”  Okay, now what I meant to say was, “I bet you say that to all your patients.”  It came out so wrong.  I was so embarrassed that I hid under the blanket.  What a day.

They took blood (all came back normal).

They ran 2 bags of fluids and 8 mg IV zofran.

I managed to eat some green Jello and some baked potato which made me feel worse.

I managed to pee.

Dr. Hottie came back in, told me I was fine and sent me on my way.

“Just keep taking the Zofran.  If you feel persistent nausea or dizziness, come back in.”

I said, “That’s hillarious.”  I wasn’t smiling.

My doctor’s office was supposed to have home health set up for me.  I wanted to be going home to either continuous fluids at home or a zofran pump or both.

What did I go home with?  “Just keep taking the Zofran.  If you feel persistent nausea or dizziness, come back in.”  Freakin’ hillarious.  Also, I should take colace for the constipation.  *facepalm*

We came back, picked up the Grasshopper from daycare on the way home, made it home, and I threw up whatever was left in my stomach.  I felt much better afterward.

I feel like crap.

I have an appointment with my own doctor on Wednesday morning.  It cannot come soon enough.

Also, I totally forgot it was Valentine’s Day, so the Grasshopper didn’t have any cards or candy to give out to her friends.  So to top everything off, I feel like the worst mom in the world.

11 thoughts on “Hyperemesis Gravidarum Sent Me to the Hospital

  1. Remember my story of the crazy compazine reaction? I had the hottest intern that day, like mcdreamy hot. And I have crazy curly hair that dreads itself when I have hg- but not in the cool hippy way- in the gross there could be birds in there kind of way. You probably made his day with your joke :). I’m sorry you are getting ivs so soon, but its good that you didn’t have to go to the er, its good that you didn’t create waste with those valentine day cards that everyone just throws out. The Grasshopper is getting a sibling a much greater gift! You are not allowed to feel guilt- you are a selfless wonderful mom. Make sure they set you up for homecare asap. Demand it, or let me call them for you and demand it


  2. I’m just glad you’re okay. Hopefully after Wednesday, Dr Awesome can have a nice chat with everyone there and let them in on the plan so you don’t get turfed like that again!


  3. She’ll never remember that you forgot the Valentines when she was 3. She may not have even noticed, and the other kids probably didn’t either. Caring for yourself is also caring for your child. 🙂


  4. So sorry! I hope they get you hooked up to that Zofran pump soon. I had one (and in home nursing), and it saved me. I hope it helps! Hang in there!!


  5. I know what you’re sayin’, Super Mom. But ride the wave, baby. Let the guilt go. The Valentine is in the beating heart in your tummy.


  6. I’m right here with you. I ended up throwing up blood yesterday and went in for an IV. The nurse suggested I try ginger. Why didn’t I think of that?! :/ Definitely a fun Valentine’s day!

    And please don’t feel like a bad mom. (Although I need to tell myself this too). Kids are so resilient.


  7. IMHO, a wise mom knows how to prioritize when the going gets tough. You are focusing your energy on the fight at hand. You are doing AWESOME!
    Hang in there, guys!


  8. Hope your appointment with Dr. Awesome went well today! Too bad Dr. Hottie wasn’t Dr. I-Get-HG. Sigh. Oh well – sounds like you stood up for yourself just fine! And I agree…that little Valentine beating in your tummy is precious enough to be all y’all’s Valentine for the day!


  9. Oh, man. I love the advice they sent you home with. How helpful!

    We forgot the day of our son’s Halloween party. I was just looking through the pictures the preschool posted from that day, and everyone else went all out, and our kid was just in regular clothes. There was really no way to spin that he was in costume — except that someone suggested I tell everyone he was an undercover detective. 😉 Anyway, I didn’t even have a good excuse like you, so we can be bad moms (joking) together!


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