Are the hyperemesis gravidarum medicines working?

I had such a great day yesterday. The hyperemesis gravidarum monster pulled back just medical doctorenough.

It started out pretty rough.  I had an early AM appointment with my doctor, and I ended up crying during a good bit of the appointment.  I told her about how down I’ve been emotionally and how depressed and defeated I feel.  We ended up swapping war stories for a while.

I told her about how desperately I want to eat, and how a few weeks ago my husband got an order of buffalo wings and I had him put it on my plate so I could just smell it’s delicious deliciousness.  It smelled so good that I tried to lick it, which turned out to be a mistake.  She told me that she remembered dreaming about food.  She would be in a giant buffet filling up her plate, piling up the tray, but she would run out of room and get upset about it.

I talked to her about the refrigerator and how it is the bane of my existence with its horrifying smell.  She laughed and said she remembered thinking the refrigerator doors were like the gates of hell.  Exactly how I feel!

It just felt really good to talk to someone face-to-face about how hard this is.

She was very encouraging.  She did say that she preferred not to Rx any anti-depressants.  She said that the feelings of sadness and defeat are pretty normal considering the very special kind of hell I am dealing with.  Having her acknowledge the kind of suffering I feel was just…  hard to describe.  It feels like she took some of the weight from me somehow.  It’s amazing the power of validation can be.

Physically, she said that I am doing great.  I even gained a pound!  (Which I promptly lost after I pooped later that afternoon.)  She reminded me that I am deep in the thick of things.  Tomorrow I will be 11 weeks.  With that in mind, she had me up my Meclazine to 4x/day.  Home health had increased my Zofran dose on Tuesday.  I asked them to do that to help me stay ahead of the curve.  I think I’m approaching the max of what they are willing to let you have.

I felt well enough yesterday to go to the Grasshopper’s first baseball practice in the afternoon.  And that evening, I sat at the table with my family and ate some of the dinner my husband made!

I’m not going to fool myself into thinking I’ve beaten HG.  I won’t start hoping for that until I am about 16 weeks or so.  But I have gotten a respite and I am enjoying it while I can!

8 thoughts on “Are the hyperemesis gravidarum medicines working?

  1. Honey, I don’t know if you know this, but you ARE beating HG, everyday that you get through it and get one day closer to the end. You are winning the battles and winning the war!
    Happy for you that you are a medicated fluffy yesterday. And hopefully today!


  2. I agree that you ARE beating HG! It’s not easy nor is it fun, but you are not letting it beat you down. It takes so much work to stay ahead of the game and that was my goal for my 3rd pregnancy (and I succeeded) . Keep up the good work! Not losing weight is a wonderful achievement for you.
    I would say from experience that you should slowly, slowly try to eat foods you think you can or want to. Too many times I got too excited, ate too much and wound up in the bathroom flushing it all down the toilet.
    You are not alone in this, don’t get discouraged. There are many of us HG survivers out there encouraging you along. You are doing a wonderful job!


  3. Is it bad of me that my first thought was, “One pound? Man, that’s some kinda pooping you’re doing!”

    I kid, of course. I’m really glad to hear about a good day for you. And I echo those who say you’re beating it- one more good day for you = one less victory for the HG!!


  4. I’m so sorry about this rough journey you are on. I did not have HG but did have morning sickness for 22 weeks and it was torturous. I can only imagine how much worse HG must be so I really feel for you. I’m glad you had a positive day and someone could relate and help you through. Sounds like a great Dr.!


  5. My goodness, you’ve no idea the speed I came her at when I saw that title. Something is working. What a wonderful title. I’m so glad you are managing to eat a bit. I had HG my whole pregnancy and I remember the joy of actually being able to keep something down after starvation. Funnily enough, sometimes it was half a cheeseburger (macdonalds should sponsor some HG research). I’m glad your doctor said it was normal to feel rubbish when you’re feeling rubbish, it’s nice to have a doctor admit that it really is a normal response to the circumstances. You’re doing so well and you’re over a quarter of the way there now. I really hope this is a sign of things to come for you and that you continue to find your HG gives you a bit of respite. I haven’t heard of that drug you are on either, I’ve heard of Zofran though. Do you think it is the new drug that’s helping or the increased Zofran or perhaps just a bit of good luck? Thinking of you. I raise a cheeseburger to you. I know this sounds so stupid but I found coca cola sometimes helped me to keep food down and I am NOT suggesting it cures HG or anything but it did sort of line my stomach a bit. By the time I tried coca cola I was desperate for any liquid at all. It is similar in recipe to anti emetic syrup (full sugar). I’m not in any way minimising what you’re going through, I am just passing on a tip from the trenches as it were. I had HG my entire pregnancy and I would have awarded Michelin stars to Coca cola, Cheeseburger Macdonalds and a Nobel prize to the inventor of cyclizine. My baby wasn’t made of sugar and spice, she was made of wheetabix and maybe 3-4 Macdonald’s cheeseburgers plus coca cola. You’re being my inspiration as I try to get brave enough to try for a second baby. xxx


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