I Lost my Hyperemesis Gravidarum Nose!

The hyperemesis gravidarum smell sensitivity seems to have… vanished!

Tuesday morning it was there.  I was upstairs and my mom was downstairs changing the water filter in the refrigerator.  I had to put a rag over my nose.

Then we went out to get some lunch.  I was feeling okay and wanted a change of scenery.  I wanted to take my mom to lunch to Panera.  It didn’t work out quite that way.  Standing in line, the lights got brighter and brighter and I realized that I was about to pass out.  The good news is, I did not hit the floor.  I managed to make it to a chair.  The bad news was, as soon as the dizziness passed I had to run to the bathroom to heave a little.  I did not end up puking.  Just got rid of a little of that extra-foamy saliva I’ve been having lately.

I did not enjoy my lunch very much.

I did, however, enjoy my mom’s iced tea.  Very much.  So much that I went back and got my own extra-large tea.

I drank over 70 oz of iced tea.  That is more that three times as much fluid as I’ve been getting on a normal day!

That afternoon, I was able to sit outside and watch my mom re-plant some of my patio pots with succulents.  Succulents because they’ll be hard for me to neglect to death.  It was when I opened the refrigerator to get my mom some ice water that I realized it.

I couldn’t smell the refrigerator.

I couldn’t do it.  I stuck my head right inside.  I still couldn’t smell it.  I opened the freezer.  I still couldn’t smell it.

It was like a switch.  In the morning it was switched on.  In the afternoon, it switched off.

I felt great!  Full of energy!  Turns out, I was actually just really high on caffeine.  I discovered that when I tried and failed all night to go to sleep.

But you know what?  My nose is still switched off.

I have started eating dinner at the table with my family.

I have been getting out more.

I got chewed out by my Alere nurse for overdoing it. I deserved it.

I have been feeling so good that I was genuinely afraid that my baby had died.  For HG patients, you read over and over about that happening.  Suddenly the mother feels great and she thinks she’s out of the woods.  Except then she starts bleeding.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment, thankfully, and I expressed my worry.  She immediately got out the doppler and took a listen.  Whish-whish-whish-whish.  There was that tiny heartbeat.  Then she found mine to prove that it was the baby we were listening too.  Whooosh-whooosh-whooosh.  Back to the baby.  Whish-whish-whish-whish.  Then we started hearing it kick and roll.  And you know what else?  I could feel it!  I can feel the baby wiggling and rolling around now.

I am still attached to my zofran pump.  And I will be for a good long time.  I will still have bad days.  I have to remind myself of that because I don’t want to be devastated when they come.  But this will pass.  I can finally believe that now.  I wonder if I was finally able to get hydrated enough for the Zofran to start working.

I wonder if I’m going to be lucky and hit that magic 2nd trimester period of feeling good.  I hope so.  I’ve put my time in.

For now, I want to do some regular pregnant lady stuff.  I want to go get some maternity jeans.  I want to get a pretty new bra since my old ones are not cutting the mustard anymore.

Most of all, I want to feel this joyful, hopeful feeling as much as possible.

11 thoughts on “I Lost my Hyperemesis Gravidarum Nose!

  1. Hurray!!!!!!!! 🙂

    And if you find out what you did to turn off the smells, please let me know! 🙂 (Though I do hope it comes back when you’re feeling better!).


  2. That is wonderful and I’m so happy for you!

    I found that when my HG was kept ‘managable’ in my 3 pregnancy, I also started to feel a little better going into the 2T. No, it didn’t just go away for good, but it sure did make life a little easier while still dealing with the HG. For the first time in 3 pregnancies, I was able to enjoy some of the things a pregnant lady is supposed to.


  3. I have no clue about HG but I do know that as a tea addict, I have noticed when I really overdue it my sense of smell decreases among other things from the extra caffeine. Either way, YAY! I am so glad you are feeling a bit better temporarily!


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