Made it to 14 weeks!

I’m celebrating every little milestone.  Today, I am officially 14 weeks pregnant!

The app on my phone is still insisting that I’m in the 1st trimester though, which is really ticking me off.

Can you tell I’m full of pregnant lady crankiness?

I also may or may not be nesting.  I’ve been watching HGTV for the last few weeks, and I’m itching to do something.  The most obvious choice is hanging the curtains in the Grasshopper’s room that my mom made.  We’ll tackle that this weekend.  But I want to do more.  MORE I TELL YOU!

We have some hideously ugly lights in our dining room and over the stairs and in our halls and entryways.  Please, won’t someone think of the children?

Of course, if we get rid of all the horrible brass light fixtures, we’d need to replace the interior doorknobs because those are all brass, too.  And if we do that, I’d want to change out the two-tone brass and chrome faucets and towel racks in the master bath.  And the bathroom light fixtures which are also two-tone and very ugly.  But once we did that, I think things would feel much nicer.  Much more us.

Yeah.  Nesting?  I’m not sure since I never nested with the Grasshopper, but I have the powerful urge to take apart a doorknob and see how easy it would be to replace.  I thought nesting was more getting the baby’s room ready, which I’m not really interested in at all right now.

I may also be antsy because I’m waiting for UPS to deliver my Hypnobabies Home Study Course.  I ordered it yesterday, and it’s scheduled to be delivered today.

So I’m just generally feeling antsy today.

Also, my dog keeps farting.

Yeah, this is one of those posts I guess.  Happy Friday y’all!

10 thoughts on “Made it to 14 weeks!

  1. oil rubbed bronze. Google it. Spray paint the knobs and the fixtures. I swear. Gorgeous. Although get hubby to spray paint, because you shouldn’t breathe that in probably. Is it possible I’m nesting too? I have been going nuts organizing and redecorating..ordering my world…springtime.
    You sound really good though. I just can’t believe it! But so happy for you.


  2. Lol so fun!! Nesting to me meant bleaching everything in our bathroom. We were living in an apartment at the time, so the last time I got out of the hospital (and the last time I was in the hospital before he was born), I came home 7 months pregnant and convinced that the apartment bath needed to be as clean as the hospital bath. (Yeah…I don’t know.) I couldn’t be around bleach, so I stood outside the bathroom with a mask on giving Travis very specific instructions about how to clean every nook and cranny. Looking back, it was strange. The baby spent zero time in the bathroom until he was like 6 months old. You sound like you’re nesting though, which is something healthy women do!! I say take apart the doorknobs. Why not? Congratulations!! And, for the record, I hated the way the What to Expect series timed out the trimesters too. It was devastating in the days where I was doing the count-down game. And the brief one paragraph section dedicated to HG is PAH-THE-TIC! End of rant. Congratulations again!!


  3. I had to laugh at your “If we did this, then we’d have to do that…” Have you read the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie? There are a few different books in that series, and they have those sentiments. =)

    Congratulations on making it to 14 weeks! I never read the What to Expect books cover to cover. I read “this is what your baby looks like at so many weeks” and that was pretty much it. I agree, Dr. Sears books are much better =)


    1. It’s exactly like that! If you give your wife a new chandalier, you’re going to have to get the bathroom tiled. If you get the bathroom tiled, she’ll ask you for new fixtures. If you get new fixtures, you’ll have to get new doorknobs.


  4. Um. Sorry about the AD popping up in the comments. I was merely trying to allude to the farting dog aspect. Was supposed to be funny not tacky. D’oh!


  5. I personally really like _Don’t Let the Pigeon Ride the Bus_. 😀 Congrats on your continuing kick-ass-ness!! In your FACE, HG!!!! WOOOO!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


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