Weaning from the Pump

Well, folks, it’s official.  I am weaning from the zofran pump!

Assuming all goes well, I’m hoping to be off it in time for The Big Ultrasound, scheduled for May 4th.

This by no means indicates that I am “normal”.  I don’t even know what normal really means anymore.  But it does mean that I’ve stabilized and reached the point where comfort can mean taking my ODTs as needed.

It also means no more needle sticks, no more beeping in the night when I lay on it, no more forgetting the syringes in the fridge and having to make my husband hike down and get them, no more hauling around my friend, no more people asking “What’s that thing?”, and no more tubes getting tangled in wiggly toddler feet.  No more vicious, hot, swelling and itching knots on my thighs.  No more having to test my ketones.  No more obsessing about weight.

In short: Freedom.

I can practically taste it.  And it tastes so, so good.

Monday they reduced my dose from 0.820 ml/hour (39ish mg/day) to 0.750 ml/hour (36ish mg/day).  It went great.  I had a rough patch Tuesday evening, but I had skipped my afternoon snack, so it was attributable to lack of food.  Because of this rough patch, I decided to hold steady on Wednesday.  Then today, since everything has gone well, we reduced my rate to 0.660 ml/hour.  I don’t know what that is per day, and I don’t want to do the math.  I don’t want to obsess over it and get hit with psychosomatic symptoms.

We are keeping all of the rest of my medications the same.  We want no outside variables clouding whether or not the zofran rate reduction is working.

So far, so good!  Cross your fingers things continue this way!

By the way, we did meet with the midwives yesterday, but I’ll have to update about that later.

5 thoughts on “Weaning from the Pump

  1. YEEEEEAAAAA!!!! I’m so excited for you!!! You beat this monster (well, the worst of it!) I’m pretty sure you’re my new hero. You may have faced a shorter battle this go-round, but I’d say it was worse than mine was. You rock. And, I’m not gonna lie, when you mentioned The Big Ultrasound, I got excited like it was my own. Lol. I can’t wait!


  2. Oh, boy!! HURRAY!! What happy news for you, my friend! I am so happy to hear that all is moving along so positively. You truly have an awesome doctor, and you are a trooper. Good work!!


  3. Yippee!! I am SOOOO happy for you. I do believe you are only doing so well because of how aggressively you treated the HG. Good for you Mama!


  4. I’m glad that you got the pump and it helped but if you are now getting better from the HG then that’s even better. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is blooming lovely.


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