Say goodbye to your leetle friend!

I have officially said goodbye to a certain little something that has been a part of me for the last few months.

If you guessed my left pinkie, you’d be wrong.  Besides, I’ve had that my whole life.

If you guessed my Zofran pump, you’d be dead on the money!

That’s right!  I am officially off the Zofran pump.  Completely unplugged and it’s in a box, on it’s way back to the home health company as we speak.

I had intended to wean down to zero on the pump.  This was something my home health company doesn’t do, but I got the go-ahead from my doctor to just try it anyway after I complained that Alere wasn’t wanting to humor me and wean me how I wanted.  Actually, what she said was, “Now, I’m not going to tell you to adjust the pump on your own, but you know how to do it by now, right?”  Yep.  I sure did.  And that’s just what I planned to do.

My goal was to be down to nothing by April 27th.  I think I’ve mentioned before that the constipation side effect is worse for me on the oral meds.  If I could avoid that, I definitely wanted to.

Friday, my Alere nurse told me I could unplug any time.  I told her I intended to wean down to a lower dose before unplugging.  I was still getting the equivalent of 20 mg per day.  That’s 2.5 oral doses.  That’s a lot.  She reminded me not to mess with the pump myself.  I rolled my eyes.  She was on the phone, alright?  She didn’t see me roll my eyes at her!

Sunday, something in me snapped.  I just could not bring myself to put in a new infusion site.  It wasn’t about the pain of the little needle.  It wasn’t about the pain of the horrible welts I’ve been getting all over my legs from the zofran irritating the tissue.  I was just sick and tired of being tied down.

I was sick of standing up and having the pump fall off the floor.  I was sick of having the pump bag get tangled in my purse straps.  I was sick of the thing beeping at me for no apparent reason.  I was sick of having to lay in bed waiting for the lidocaine to kick in so I could stick myself.  I was sick of everything about the stupid thing.

So I didn’t plug in.  I just… decided not to.

And things went well.  Really well.

It was a nervous 72 hours.  I figured if nothing happened in 72 hours, I would be home-free.

72 hours passed uneventfully.

This past Friday, I talked to Alere and agreed to send the pump back.  I boxed it and FedEx picked it up yesterday morning.

I am officially and completely free of the thing.  And I’m not taking any Zofran at all.

I’m at the point where I’m still taking the oral Meclazine and Nexium, but my doctor has given me the go ahead to start reducing those as well.

I’ve also been able to add some other stuff in to my diet: adult vitamins and probiotics.  Have I mentioned what a huge fan of New Chapter I am?  They’re pricey, but totally worth it in my opinion.

It’s been a thrilling week.  I still get tired pretty easily, and by the end of the day, I am completely cashed out, but I am not throwing up anymore!  What a huge victory!

5 thoughts on “Say goodbye to your leetle friend!

  1. Isn’t it a truly wonderful feeling to be off the meds? I still carry a strip of my anti-emetic in my purse “just in case” because I am still feeling very nauseated and occasionally have days where I think I might throw up again… but actually I have managed to avoid taking any for about 3 weeks now and that in itself reminds me when I am feeling particularly rough that I am in fact still feeling much better than I was if I can carry the meds with me and not take any when at one point I was counting down the hours before being able to take my next dose.

    Here’s hoping that everything continues to improve for you from here on in!


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