Doula Update

Due to some scheduling issues, both doula meetings got pushed to this week.  We met with Doula 2 on Tuesday evening (that was the night I ended up puking in case you forgot) and Doula 1 yesterday at lunch.

Both meetings went very well.  Both offered pretty much the same services.  Doula 1 has attended a lot more births than Doula 2, but Doula 2 seemed pretty competent as well and is in the process of completing her DONA training.  All she’s got left is the paperwork.

I think it’s just going to come down to a simple, subjective decision.  Who did we like better?

We committed to both of them that we would let them know early next week, so Mr. Grasshopper and I have the weekend to talk about it.

Below are some things I picked up on from both Doulas.

Doula 1:

  • Has what seems like a little more authoritative personality, which I appreciate.  No guilt about running over her with my own balls to the wall personality.  She seems perfectly capable of pushing me when I might need it the most.
  • Has attended over 40 births
  • Teaches a childbirth education class and can speak with authority on risks/benefits of interventions and various birth situations that arise
  • Former Bradley instructor
  • Is willing to listen to my hypnobabies tracks and read the book to learn more about this
Doula 2:
  • Soft and gentle personality
  • Very kind to the Grasshopper, wants to make sure she’s comfortable in her presence, but since the Grasshopper won’t be joining us for the birth is this completely critical?
  • Almost half the price of Doula 1 due to not completing her DONA certification
  • Didn’t take the lead as much in the conversation, so I worry a little that she may not be able to push me the way I might need to be pushed
  • Also highly recommended by the midwives
  • Also very willing to learn about hypnobabies
Hm.  You know, getting my impressions out on the page really helps me think about things.
We have a lot to talk about this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Doula Update

  1. Lots of choices! I was lucky with my third child. I got two wonderful nurses (one of them was a childhood friend) who were my doulas in disguise! I’m fairly independent when it comes to the birthing process, however they really helped me during my last hour. They even let me use the birth ball which I’m sure that no one at my hospital uses. My doctor didn’t make it to the delivery, and my childhood friend/fellow nurse caught my baby girl.

    I guess it comes down to which one would be most compatible with your personality and what works best for you when you need to be “pushed.” Drill sergeant nurses didn’t work out for me when I had HG, but they might have worked for me when I was in hard labor.

    Good luck with your decision. Let us know which one you choose. I would have loved a doula, however my hospital isn’t very midwife/doula friendly.


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