Is this what morning sickness feels like?

I haven’t been feeling so hot lately.  I missed a few days from work last week.  I took Zofran a few times.

No, the hyperemesis gravidarum isn’t back, but something sure is making me feel crummy.

I met with my midwife on Thursday evening.  She had some ideas that seem to be helping a bit.

First of all, she told me, I’m not eating enough food.  I need to eat more.  This makes sense since the times I feel the sickest are when I get hungry.  I thought I was eating a lot.  I mean, I feel like I’m eating my family out of house and home.  It seems like every other day I have to go to the store to replenish my snacks.  And trust me, buying in bulk won’t work.  My snack preferences seem to fluctuate day-to-day.  A snack that appeals to me one day, won’t work at all the next.  It’s frustrating.

But, as she said, I need to eat more.  So I am trying to.  And it’s pretty impressive what I’m able to put away.  I feel like I’m eating like a lumberjack!  Right now, my favorite foods are Japanese: seaweed salad and cooked sushi rolls.

A second suggestion she had was for me to try taking a digestive enzyme supplement.  I swung by my local health food store on the way home and picked up some.  The idea is that I’m not digesting things well, as evidenced by my ability to throw up part of my 11:30 AM lunch at 8:30 PM.  My body isn’t moving food through efficiently.  The enzymes are supposed to help me get all of my food digested more quickly so it can pass through my system more easily.

Another thing to help food move through my system is to alternate hot and cold fluids.  She said this would stimulate the muscles in my stomach and intestines to contract and push food through.

So right now, it’s all about moving food through the body.

A bit of good news: While I have taken Zofran a couple of times since this all got started, some of the more traditional morning sickness remedies seem to be helping.

So maybe this is what morning sickness feels like.  I guess I wouldn’t know.  I don’t really have any frame of reference  for what normal looks like.

At any rate, I’m surviving, and that’s good.  Even if I don’t feel cheerful and wonderful each and every day, I’m surviving.  I’m past the halfway point.  I’m headed downhill.  If you’re a hiker or a runner you’ll know that while uphill really sucks, downhill sucks a little too.  But you just have to keep going to get to the flat.  And that’s what I’m looking forward to.  The nice flat part after the baby is born where I can just feel healthy again.

13 thoughts on “Is this what morning sickness feels like?

  1. Surviving is how I described my pregnancy once the HG let up a bit. It’s still no picnic for us, but at least we are not throwing up our guts. I agree that you should eat more….. i had to eat or I would start to throw up. Hang in there!!


  2. This is exactly how I was able to regain the weight that I had lost. The first give months, I couldn’t eat. For the remainder of my pregnancy, I would describe the HG like what most people would describe as morning sickness except that occured through the entire day. Traditional recommendations that did not work when the HG was severe, worked toward the end such as eating frequently. I was a freakn’ pig at the end even though I still was always nauseated and still vomiting daily. Hang in there! 🙂


  3. This exactly like my symptoms…I have many snacks I lost interest in sitting in my frig and pantry. So I would say its good ol’ morning sickness but I’m not a doctor. :/ Hang in there!!!


    1. I will say keeping something in the stomach is key…buttered toast has been my constant that saves me from going off the deep end.


      1. Little bit of carbs, little bit of protein. Sounds good! If you catch yourself sliding, you can pick yourself up with some emergency hard candy followed by a protein snack to keep the blood sugar crash from happening.


    2. Better morning sickness than the HG I guess, but it still sucks and makes me want to whine. 😦

      Hey, you should see my pantry! I think I will never, ever eat tostitos chips again. Ever. I would rather chew glass.


      1. Do you know that I still can’t eat almonds and my baby is 8 months old. I ate so many of those for a good protein snack during my pregnancy. I wonder if I will ever be able to eat them again…..


      2. I’m with you. I just don’t like almonds much anymore. I had tried to eat them in my first pregnancy, and ended up throwing them up. Throwing up almonds is a very special kind of awful. They’re dry and sharp and they don’t come out easily. You sort of have to push them out of the back of your throat with your tongue. Ugh. I’m sure you wanted that image, but almonds really and truly are a special kind of awful the second time around.


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