Pregnancy and Exercise

I need to be honest here.  I am not exercising.

My intentions were good.  When I started feeling better, I signed up for a yoga class and I attended all of one of the classes.

After that first class, I just spent the rest of the day feeling horrible.  The bending and moving and stimulating of my digestive system and blood flow just left me feeling like I needed to puke.  It was bad enough, that I just never went back.

Walking is also not a great option right now.  It seems that whenever I spend too much time on my feet one day, I have to spend the next day parked on the couch sucking a Zofran.  Not so much fun.

I know it’s good for me.  I know I should probably be doing something, but right now it seems like my body just doesn’t let me.

Here’s the thing:  I’ve gotten to the point in my Hypnobabies self-study course where I’m supposed to be practicing things.  They have the same basic exercises as the Bradley course recommends:

  • Pelvic tilts or cat/cow for yoga aficionados (on all fours arching your spine and bringing it back to neutral)
  • Tailor sitting (sitting cross-legged with your feet together, like the old butterfly stretch from gym class)
  • Squatting

And let’s not forget!

  • Kegels

Joy.  I’ve tried to do these a few times, but like the yoga, every time, I’m left feeling nauseated and crummy.

It’s also hard to find the time.  Kegels are easy.  You can do those anywhere.  If you remember.  Which I don’t.  I always forget.  For a while I said, “Every red light I’m going to do my kegels.”  I never remembered.  I’m really trying hard to find a way to remember this as kegels are one of the few exercises that actually don’t make me want to hurl.

The pelvic tilts on the other hand…  Oh, lord, but those are unpleasant.  I like keeping my head above my stomach and my esophagus perpendicular to the ground thankyouverymuch.  But I know these are so important.  They’re just really hard.

The tailor sitting and squatting, I don’t have much of an excuse for not doing.  The tailor sitting actually feels pretty good on my poor aching pelvis and the stretching really seems to help with my aching low back.  I just need to suck it up and make the time to do it.  In fact…

I just actually undocked my laptop and I’m writing the remainder of this from the floor.  This actually feels okay.  The floor is hard and hurting my butt-bones but my low back is getting some relief.  What’s going to be really hilarious, though, is when it comes time to haul my poor old carcass up off the floor.

The squatting isn’t good for computer time because you lack the lap on which to rest the computer.  But it would make for a decent TV time exercise.  It would probably also feel pretty good on my back.  What it boils down to is remembering to do it.

Now those pelvic tilts on the other hand…  If someone can come up with a way for me to do those that does not involve being on all fours on the ground with my head level to my stomach, I’ll be mighty grateful.  I know they’ll help with the pain in my low back.  I just need to find a way to do them that doesn’t involve nausea.

7 thoughts on “Pregnancy and Exercise

  1. There was no exercising for me. Movement made me too nauseated. The more I did the more I vomited. To hell with Ina May and telling an HG woman that she needs to go out and take walks (Spiritual Midwifery).

    Overall, I felt like a bad mom for 1) not eating 2) not exercising.


  2. Thanks Janet and Speculative Speculum. I didn’t do the exercises with the Grasshopper either and things were fine. I’ve just been fighting a lot of guilt lately. Not doing them and not eating that perfect pregnancy diet makes me feel like a bad mom, but it’s not my fault. It’s none of our faults. It’s impossible enough to be perfect without HG. I just need to be kinder to my self and remind myself that while I do feel pretty good this is still not a “normal” pregnancy.


  3. There was no way i could exercise – I would throw up! I didn’t gain a huge amount of weight (34, 27 and 40 pounds) and all babies were healthy. Don’t worry about it!!


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