Gestational Diabetes Lab Results Update

Boy, when they said they usually get the results for the gestational diabetes test back fast, they meant it!

The Good:

I officially do not have gestational diabetes!  Hooray!

The Not-so-Good:

They also ran tests to check my iron levels, my platelets, and my white blood cell counts.  I guess that would just be a general blood panel?

My iron is very low.  This is particularly worrisome because I’m going into a period of time where we expect my iron levels to drop pretty significantly as my body doubles its blood volume over the next few weeks.  This means I need to go out and get my Floradix like now.  I’m going right after work.  This would explain the dizziness, feeling “white,” and the stars I’ve been seeing at the edges of my vision.

My platelets are also, apparently, low.  Not scary bad low, but low enough that we need to do something about it.

My white blood cells are high.  There’s something going on in my body that is making them multiply.  I don’t have a cold or anything, but you’d expect to see these levels with an infection of some kind.  Next blood draw, they’re testing me again for H. pylori to see if I picked that up anywhere.

So the bottom line is this: There’s something going on.  We can wait around for it to get unpleasant or we can deal with it straight away.  I’m a deal with it straight away kind of girl.

With that in mind, I’ve been referred to a hematologist.  I’ve made the call.  They grilled me a little on my numbers to see what kind of urgency this is.  I was really impressed by how proactive they were with getting me in quickly.  They said that none of the numbers I was telling them sounded critical, but that they wanted to check with the midwives to see what the urgency was.

They called my midwife, spoke to her to learn a little more, and then called me back right away.  It’s not so urgent that they need to get me in today, which they were preparing to do if necessary.  But they do want to see me fairly quickly to get things taken care of, so they’ve got me scheduled for Monday morning.

I guess I will know more then about what’s going on.  I suspect I need to mentally prepare myself for more needle sticks.  I am going to go ahead and order the Hypnobabies “Needles are OK” CD to help me with that.

A couple of positives here:

My midwives have made it clear that they have a firm line in the sand for what they will and will not handle.  I’m glad of this.  It’s important for a medical professional to be able to say, “I’m not comfortable dealing with this.  I want to refer you to someone who is.”  That’s a huge positive for me.

The other positive is that we’re dealing with this right now.  Maybe these funky levels in my blood are contributing to my nausea.  Maybe if we can fix this I’ll start feeling better.

I suppose the only thing to do is wait and see.

6 thoughts on “Gestational Diabetes Lab Results Update

  1. You reminded me that I’m suppose to call a hematologist. My white blood counts were high, my sis, who works in medical research thinks it is a result of the HG, and my body still recovering from it. Important to check it out though. I knew you didn’t have gestational diabetes. Ugh that syrup they make you drink is bad! I couldn’t even drink it when I didn’t have HG. WHen I did, yuck, I took one look at it and started vomiting everywhere. They let me do jelly beans instead. Which stayed down. There is an alternative out there for HG women to not have to drink that globby stuff!


  2. Can the HG cause the white blood cells to be high? Maybe that’s what’s going on.

    Also, apparently Nexium can inhibit iron absorption. Definitely something to talk to the hematologist about.


  3. My iron level was 6 with my last pregnancy. I totally attribute this to the HG. I got an iron transfusion and felt really good afterward. I was supposed to get more (my hgb was 7), but my doctor never wrote the script. Oh well. It’s been a year since D3 was born, and I’m not short of breath anymore so I guess all is well.


  4. Are you taking an antiacid? I leanred this the hard way but antiacids will prevent your body from absording iron. I had to stop all tums and zantac for the last several weeks of my second pregnancy to get my iron levels up to a safe area. Also avoid taking the floradix around any dairy you eat as this too prohibits proper absorption.
    Going without my antiacids was not easy. I tried eating dried papaya after meals or pineapple to help with digestion and slept propped up on pillows. It was still no picnic, but survivable.


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