The Hematologist Visit

Yesterday was my appointment with the hematologist.

It started of rather badly.

When they called me back, I was expecting to be weighed and have my blood pressure checked.  I was not expecting to do this in the room where they were doing blood draws.

I walked in, saw the chair with the little drawers with all the needles and blood-draw-related supplies and jumped back.  I’m not sure why it caught me by surprise.  I mean, it’s a hematology office after all, right?  Blood is what they do.  But it did.  I guess I just didn’t expect it to be right there.

I weighed.  Managed to sit down.  And then I started crying.  I told the nurse that I have issues with needles, and she was super nice about it.  She gave me some tissues and promised it would be quick and that she’s really good and it wouldn’t hurt.  She didn’t lie.  She was excellent.  It was just a tiny finger prick.  No big deal.

Yet, still I had to sit there shaking and crying and trying to pull myself back together.  It was so embarrassing.  All that for a little finger prick.  Honestly, it wasn’t the finger prick that bothered me.  It was the chair and seeing the supplies.

Afterwards, I went to the restroom and washed my face and tried to pull myself together.

The doctor came in right away.  They had a lab there in the office, so my results came back immediately.

She had great news:  My blood looks just like it should look for any pregnant woman at 28 weeks.  She didn’t see anything abnormal.  The iron was a little low, but not low enough to class me as anemic.  It was 11.9, up from 10.6 last Wednesday.  She said my platelets were well within normal range.

She did agree that my white blood cells were a little high, but they looked normal.  I guess there are different kinds of white blood cells and they mix of mine was what she would expect to see.  She said there is some indication that there might be an infection within my body, but there are other things that can cause high white blood cells, including stress.  While this seems a pretty likely factor in my case, my midwife has already agreed to test me for H. pylori next time I come in, and the hematologist suggested checking my urine for an infection in my bladder.

She said that I should definitely keep taking the Floradix iron supplement, and that it would be something to continue throughout pregnancy and until I’m done breastfeeding, but she said she wouldn’t worry.

She also looked at my blood under a microscope and that it looked good there, too.  She even went through my med list to see if there was anything I was on or that I had been on that could have caused issues with my blood.  Nope.

She was pleased that my midwife had taken the initiative to go ahead and refer me.  She said that it’s certainly better to play it safe and have a look at things rather than closing your eyes and hoping it will all work out.  One more point in my midwives’ favor.  I like them more and more every day.

I was really happy that my iron levels had already gone up in the last few days.  This really gives me hope and makes me feel less victimized by my own body.

Update: My midwife called me back last night and wants me to go ahead and come in early to find out what’s going on with the white blood cell count.  They had gone up since the initial blood draw on 7/6 and she wants to track it down.  I had an appointment originally scheduled for 7/21, but she wants to see me tomorrow.  She’ll test for H. pylori, a vaginal infection, and a UTI.  If there’s something that she can do to make me more comfortable, she wants to do it quickly.  I love her!

7 thoughts on “The Hematologist Visit

  1. I hope they are able to figure out if you have an infection and get it treated!

    Yay for the Floradix – that stuff is amazing! If I remember correctly the low side of normal is 12, so you are almost there. My iron level was 9, but after a couple of bottles of Floradix it was a much safer level for birth!


    1. Last Wednesday (7/6) the WBC was 10,000. On Monday (7/11) it was 14,000. Is that a big jump? Within the range of statistical error? I’m not sure what my WBC was today. My midwife drew blood, but I’m not sure if she included the WBC count in the lab slip. I know she was testing for H. phylori, so it may have just been that. She also sent of urine and a vag swab, so hopefully we’ll figure something out. At this point, my money is on the urine being the culprit, but we shall see.


  2. I don’t think that H. pylori would make your white count rise like that out of the blue. Every woman with HG should be tested for H. pylori, IMO anyway. You really shouldn’t have a vaginal infection unless you or your husband having been sleeping around which I doubt. My money is on the urine. It doesn’t take a lot to get a UTI. It could also be from something similarly minor like a sinus infection. A 14.0 is not that bad. At my lab, anything over an 11.00 is considered high. Keep us posted! 🙂


    1. I was tested for it early on in the pregnancy, but it was negative. My MW said there’s a possibility that I might have picked it up, but more than anything else, we’re testing to rule it out if that makes sense.


  3. Speculative, I got a vaginal infection during my first pregnancy and intercourse had nothing to do with it (due to complications, no nooky at the time). It can sometimes jsut happen. They kept me overnight in the hospital while they gave me IV antibiotics and monitored and then sent me home with more meds. Not a big deal. But PA, I’m glad they’re following up on it, I too prefer that they be proactive with stuff like this rather than wait to see what happens.


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