Another Milestone! 30 Weeks!

Tomorrow, I will have made it to 30 weeks.  There’s something that feels nice and final about being in the 30s finally.  30 weeks is solidly third trimester.  30 weeks means I’m on the downhill slope.  30 weeks means I’ve only got 10 weeks left!

I had an appointment with the midwives today, and I got the opportunity to meet midwife #3.  I had met midwives #1 and #2 several times, but this was my first chance to meet midwife #3.  I really liked her.

For the most part, the appointment went as they usually do.  I weighed in (172.5 lbs) and then I got my urine dipped.  My numbers are still looking a little funky in my urine, but both midwives #2 and #3 said that because I had just eaten a bagel and had some juice for my Floradix, it wasn’t outside the norm.  It was just my body processing the sugars and carbs from the bagel and juice.  Midwife #2, who is a hyperemesis gravidarum survivor, said that her numbers were strange her entire pregnancy.  The HG just messes up your body for a long time.

Then midwife #3 measured me and listened to the baby’s heartbeat.  Everything is measuring right on target for 30 weeks.  She also felt around on my belly to see if she could tell how the baby is positioned in there.  As it turns out, she’s currently laying sideways.  This would account for the increased pain I’m having in my pelvic bones and sciatic nerve.  Her feet are sticking out to my right, and her head is over on my left.  Midwife #3 explained that she is probably in the process of turning herself head down, and while there is plenty of room and time for her to go back and forth a few times, it’s likely that she’ll settle in head down and just stay that way.

I hope she finishes her acrobatics soon!  I am not loving this side-lying position!  I swear I can feel her pointy little toes and toenails digging into the side of my uterus!  Ouch!

The pain in my pelvis really is pretty bad.  It’s bad enough that it’s been keeping me up at night.  It hurts to lift my legs and put my pants on.  Most of the pain is right where the pubic bones meet in front, but last night my whole sciatic nerve was aching and burning.  I asked for a referral to a chiropractor, so I’m going in to get adjusted and massaged this afternoon.  I’m hoping that will help.  Midwife #3 also suggested just a few cat/cow or pelvic rocks before bed.  That should move the baby up off of my bones and help through the night.

Since I am nicely into my third trimester, we briefly took the opportunity to talk about birthing options.  It’s so strange and refreshing to think that I don’t need to worry much about telling a nurse in the hospital what not to do to me or my child!  I don’t need to gear up for any strong advocacy.  Most of the things I want, like delayed cord clamping, are things that they do just as a part of their standard procedure.

I plan to do a full post on my birthing preferences to help readers who might be interested see the reasoning behind them, but for now, here are a couple of things that I mentioned to midwife #3:

  • Delayed cord clamping
  • No internal checks until I express a desire to push
  • Allow me to birth the placenta on my own without assistance
  • Low lights and quiet voices so I can focus on my hypnobabies techniques
  • Prefer, when possible, for everyone to use the hypnobabies terminology to refer to my pressure waves, birthing time, etc

She was great about it.  She listened, took notes, and generally did not make me feel silly for asking about this stuff.  It’s just really cool that I don’t have to put in big bold letters anywhere NO EPISIOTOMIES!!! and just hope and pray that the doctor on call remembers to look at my birth plan.

It’s just so much more… peaceful with these midwives.

I’m not saying that to knock doctors.  Not at all.  My OB with the Grasshopper was wonderful!  It was a great birth experience and he could not have been more supportive.  And of course, my doctor from this pregnancy is, well… she’s awesome!  The birth center and midwifery practice just has such a calm, quiet vibe.  No beeping machines, no harsh lights, no weird smells, no people barging in and out.  It’s just a completely peaceful and nurturing environment.

We also talked about birth kits and what to bring to the birth center.  She gave me an order form for the birth kit (pads, some herbs, gloves, etc) and a list of other things to pack to bring with us.  The birth kit needs to be ordered and in hand by 37 weeks, which is right around the corner.  Pretty exciting!

And as a bonus, as I was making my next appointment, a brand new mom came out with her baby girl who was born just today in the very wee hours of the morning!  She had wanted to lay still and sleep for a while there at the birth center, so instead of driving home in the middle of the night, they stayed.  It was amazing to see how tiny and perfect that brand new baby was!  I forgot just how small they actually are!

All in all, it was a great appointment.  We’ve gotten past the anemia scare with the Floradix doing a wonderful job at bringing up my iron, and I’m doing great!  You know.  Aside from the HG.  And today has been a 2 Zofran day.  One before bed and one after breakfast.  10 more weeks.  10 more weeks.

5 thoughts on “Another Milestone! 30 Weeks!

  1. You are so much more togetehr than I ever was during pregnancy. I never wrote up a birth plan or anything- I figured you go to the hospital, push for a while, beg for an epidural (because there was NO WAY I was going to do THAT without drugs!) and eventually you get a baby.

    Had I known then what I know now, I would so have hired a doula.


    1. You know, I think having a good childbirth preparation class really, really helps with that. The classes that hospitals offer really just don’t give you the info you need to make informed choices. I’m sure there are exceptions. I’m just speaking in generalities. Having a good childbirth prep class like Hypnobabies, Bradley, or proper Lamaze can make a huge difference.


  2. Yea! You’re almost there!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m excited and relieved on your behalf! I saw a little 6 lb. baby when I took my toddler to the pediatrician yesterday… I forgot they were that small too! So sweet! My toddler asked me after we left, “Was that baby real?” 🙂


  3. Yay to reaching 30 weeks! I felt exactly the same way about it last weekend as 30 weeks feels so much like a big deal.

    I feel for you with the pain. I was diagnosed with an unstable pelvis and PGP at 18 weeks and added to my hypermobility which means me hips usually pop in and out anyway I’ve found even those yoga poses like the cat hard to do despite normally enjoying them, just because everything is so unstable I have no real balance. Cue husband holding me as I try to “rock” through the pain. Pregnancy pushes our bodies so much, and having pain like this makes is so hard sometimes (especially when you already have something like HG to deal with as well!) So I hope the chiropractor session really helps you.

    Great news on your birth choices. We have chosen to drive 45 mins to our nearest hospital with consultants because although we have a midwife led unit here we are worried with it being my first that if something happens a 30-45 min ambulance drive is a LONG time if we need urgent assistance for either me or the baby. But it does mean we have had to talk through what we want to happen so my husband knows what I want and what he wants and can advocate for me. I know he’ll be great at this as he works in a hospital and knows just how stubborn some doctors can be and how much he’ll need to push for our wishes and when we might have to compromise. He even wants to be the one to “deliver” the baby, rather than the midwife guiding him out and we definitely have delayed cord clamping, natural third stage and baby being put straight on my chest etc as things we will only budge on if there is a real emergency. We’ve also discussed pain relief and I am going to try without meds because I’ve tried many painkillers in the past for my Endo pain and after surgeries and I nearly always get sick on them and with still dealing with mild HG I do not want to take anything to make me more likely to puke, especially with the Emetophobia. I just hope we manage it that way.

    Anyway, cannot wait to read more about YOUR birth choices xx


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