What’s up with my white blood cell count?

We’re going to go back in time a bit to last week because I realized that I forgot to post about what ended up happening with the high white blood cell count and all the tests they ran on my to find the cause.

We got the iron thing under control with the Floradix, but my white blood cell count was still high, so they tested me on the 13th for a variety of things to see if we could find a cause (other than HG).

The blood test for H. pylori came back a resounding negative.

The urine test to check for a UTI came back negative.  In fact, apparently my urine was just about as perfect as urine can be (whatever that means).

The vaginal swab to check for a bacterial infection came back negative.

Soooo…  What does that mean?  That means that the mystery of the white blood cells continues.  The midwives, at this point, are willing to chalk it up to stress and the hyperemesis gravidarum.  I’m inclined to agree with that idea.  I seem to vaguely recall having elevated white blood cells when the 3rd tri relapse hit with the Grasshopper, so it makes sense.

Hyperemesis gravidarum just screws up your body for a very long time.

4 thoughts on “What’s up with my white blood cell count?

  1. I wonder if there has been a study about this? Is there a link bewteen high white blood cell count and HG? Does the WBC count make us feel sick? I find this very interesting….


    1. Janet, I think it’s the opposite. Because we are sick, our bodies are mounting an immune response and producing WBCs. There is some speculation that the HG itself is a massive immune system overreaction to pregnancy along the lines of an allergy, but the WBCs themselves probably wouldn’t be the source of the illness. Rather, the WBCs are simply a marker that the body is, in fact, mounting a defense against whatever is the cause of the HG.

      So, not a cause, just a byproduct, if that makes sense.


  2. I had mild levels of leukocytes for my entire pregnancy…. very low, but there. Of course, my levels were super-low – trace only. Hoping that whatever’s going on for you is mild or inconsequential!!!


    1. Well, other than the HG (which is a biggie), I’m not sick. No head cold, no UTI, no nothing. So it’s probably just the HG itself and general stress from illness and being pregnant.


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