Hyperemesis Gravidarum Studies Happening Now

I wanted to spend today’s post letting you know about  a couple of hyperemesis gravidarum studies that are going on right now.  I would ask that you please consider participating in these studies.  Even if you haven’t had HG, you can still participate.  The research group actually really needs control subjects who did not have HG to help understand the information gathered from the participants with HG.

Here are the studies:

Current 2007-2015 Study: Genetics of Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG)

This study is designed to identify individuals affected with HG, to study epidemiologic factors via an online survey, to collect DNA samples from saliva through the mail at no cost or travel for you, and to search for genes and risk factors that may be potentially associated with this condition. To be eligible, you must have suffered from HG and had treatment for your HG that includes i.v. hydration, TPN or other form of non-oral feeding (ie nasogastric feeding), OR both, and are able to recruit a friend with at least 2 pregnancies who has NOT suffered from HG to serve as a control.

You can learn more about the study and register here.  The study itself is very easy and painless.  After you take a detailed online survey, they will mail you a cheek swab kit so that they can register and analyze your DNA.  That’s it.  No doctor’s visits.  Just a little cheek swab that you take yourself.

2011 HG Survey: survey to determine the effectiveness of medications/treatments for HG

We have also begun a new study to determine medication effectiveness.  If you are trying to conceive or newly pregnant and have had HG in a past pregnancy, please consider participating in this study by filling out this short survey as close to your first positive pregnancy test as possible and thereafter to let us know how medications effect your intake and nausea.

You can learn more about the survey and register here.


These kinds of studies are so critical.  The more we know about the root causes of HG, the better treatment we can find.  Even though this won’t affect my childbearing years or decisions, I hope that the results of these studies will help my daughters.  There’s a strong chance, due to the genetic nature of HG, that one or both of my girls will suffer from this disease.  If I can protect them even a little bit from this.  I want to.  Please consider helping.

Here is a selection of the articles they’ve been able to publish as a result of their studies:

6 thoughts on “Hyperemesis Gravidarum Studies Happening Now

  1. Molly, do I understand it correctly that we can participate even if we didn’t rely on feeding tubes or PICC lines? I did receive frequent IVs for hydration but never had a PICC or feeding tube put in. I would definitely participate.


      1. I contacted the doc in charge of the study and she emailed me back almost immediately. I need to ask my friend if she’s willing to participate with me as a “control” subject, but other than that, I think I’m good to go. Thanks for letting us know about this study. I was just now telling Travis, if I can help one woman in the future then I feel like maybe I didn’t suffer in vain. Even if her study somehow increases awareness of HG among practitioners, then that’s a win for me. My first doc didn’t recognize HG as a real “thing” and I ended up in the ER blacked out in renal failure. I don’t want that to ever happen to another woman again. I think this is a vital thing for me to participate in to help me reach a place of healing about everything I went through. If that makes sense.


      2. That’s exactly how I felt about it. Writing about it is one thing. It’s important to do that to spread the word, and it’s theraputic. But this is something that just feels really concrete. It totally makes sense that you would feel that vital need to participate in this study. I felt that need, too.


  2. Glad you posted this on your blog to inform others 🙂 I’m so glad about my participation in the study. Makes me feel like I’m helping others and potentially my daughters in years to come. I don’t wish HG on anyone, but sometimes I start thinking about how much more may be done if a big celebrity had it!


    1. Sometimes I wonder the same thing. It seems like celebrities can bring a lot of attention to an issue. But as long as we keep talking about it, I have to believe that change will come. The more research and knowledge there is out there, the better off our daughters will be, right?


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