4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: First Food

  1. Oh yay!! I found you through twitter #blw !! I have been BLW my son now since he was 5.5 months (my first daughter is sooo picky I had to do something different!)

    Avocado was my favourite food to feed my son!! He’s now 11.5 months old and loves everything.. not picky at all!!!

    New liker hope you pop over and look at my blog x


    1. That’s great stasjia! My older daughter isn’t what I would call picky, but she’s definitely not as confident about trying new foods. Something I’ve noticed that is interesting is that she wants to eat what Katie eats! Suddenly, the kid who refused to eat carrots and avocado is chowing down on them! In this case, hooray for peer pressure!

      Will definitely check out your blog! So glad you came over to comment!


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