An Open Letter to Her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton

Dear Duchess Kate,

I just heard the news that you have been hospitalized for Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  I am so, so sorry to hear that you are sick, and I wanted to let you know that I understand what you are going through.  Hyperemesis gravidarum is a very special kind of hell that most people can’t even imagine.

The newspapers said that you haven’t hit the 12 week mark yet, so I am going to guess that the HG is just starting to ramp up.  I know that you are receiving the very best care that medical science can provide, and for that I am grateful.  This early, things may get worse before they get better, but it will get better.  I promise you, it will get better.  You have a long road ahead of you, but please hold faith in your heart that when your beautiful baby is born, you will feel better.

You may hear some ugly things from people now that this has hit the news.  People may attack you for taking the very medicine that is saving your life and your baby’s life.  They may attack you for losing too much weight, for not eating enough, for not eating enough of the “right” foods.  (Actually, they probably do that already.)  They may tell you to stop whining about how sick you are (even though you haven’t whined at all).  They may tell you to just eat some food and get over it.  We, your HG sisters, have all heard these things, but you will probably hear it worse than we ever did because instead of coming from individuals, it will come from tabloids and newspapers.

Please ignore them.  Let other people worry about it.  Your road right now is hard enough.  Surround yourself with the love and support of your family, and know that there are other women out there who have survived HG and who are thinking of you.  We know what it’s like to not be able to eat.  We know how it feels to think your body is broken.  We know what it’s like when our doctors tell us to go home and eat a cracker and sip some water.  We know you love your baby and we know that you are fighting for your life and the life of your baby.  You are not alone.

I am so sorry that you have hyperemesis gravidarum.  I promise you that it isn’t a forever thing.  The HG community is a powerful sisterhood and I know that there are many who will add their voices and prayers to mine to say that it gets better.  Not today, not tomorrow, but it will get better.

With love and Solidarity,

Molly A.

10 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Her Royal Highness, Kate Middleton

  1. This is lovely! Just shows how much the HG community is universal and crosses borders!

    Here in the UK, the charity Pregnancy Sickness Support are working hard to get correct information into the media. We are all tweeting, emailing, talking to journalists etc to show the world what HG really is. My heart goes out to Kate because despite getting better care than most of us probably do (ie without a massive fight with the dr), she is also in the world’s media spotlight and I know I wanted to disappear for the 9 months of my pregnancy, not deal with intrusion like that! I feel it is going to be a long 9 months for her, as it is for us all.


    1. I hope that at the end of this, her suffering can bring some much needed attention to this illness. It’s a very real disease that too many doctors dismiss as “just morning sickness.” I am so sorry for Kate that she is dealing with this.


  2. Poor Kate! It’s sad to read that she is suffering from this horrendous condition. I also suffered from HG during my first pregnancy last year and doctors here in Australia or at least in my town do not take this condition seriously. I searched high and low since for specialist advice about this condition and was simply told there isn’t any in this country. All reports say this condition is rare- well I challenge that statement as I know 4 women who have suffered and none of these were not multiple pregnancies. Hopefully some good will come from Kate’s condition and she will bring this potentially life threatening condition to the public eye and encourage more research into this terrible condition. My thoughts are with you Kate!


  3. Spot on my dear! …and let’s hope you are correct that her struggle with HG will cause more attention to be paid to this terrible disease.


  4. Oh, so there’s a name for this? I survived through four separate pregnancies with this very condition. And yeah, I was told to go home, eat a cracker and ginger ale. And I’d get over it in a few short weeks. Le Sigh. Nothing like waking up in the middle of the night out of a sound sleep having to throw up.

    If it’s any comfort, it stops just about the time you are ready to throw yourself off a bridge. There really was no treatment when I had my children 20+ years ago.

    Blessing to all you moms who go through this. Please know I send love and strength to you.


    1. Oh, Suzan, I am so sorry that you suffered alone. There is definitely a name for this, and I hope with Kate’s stature and media clout people will finally get the medical support they need instead of getting blown off like you did.


  5. Beautifully written. I went looking high and low for something well written to share on FB and your letter was perfect! I sure hope Kate gets to see it and knows that we are all behind her 100%! Thank you for such a heartfelt letter.


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