Revisiting Oil Cleansing and a Fabulous Give Away!

Remember way back in February of last year when I wrote about oil cleansing?  Remember how much I loved it at the time?  Ah, but now. Now, my friends, I have found a better way and my skin is loving it!

First of all, let me back up and explain why I left oil cleansing behind and went through an angstful period of trying different natural soaps and creams that never quite did what I wanted.  Quite honestly, the oil cleansing became too fiddly.  I didn’t love what the castor oil did to my skin.  I always felt either too dried out or too oily.  I didn’t love that I had to steam my face all the darn time with kids climbing over me and jumping into the middle of my stomach while I was laying flat on my back.  What started out like a pampering facial every day eventually became anything but.  Sometimes my skin would feel rough and I would try to exfoliate with baking soda (too irritating) or ground flax (too scratchy) or oatmeal powder (too goopy).  I just could never get the right balance.  I had it.  For one brief and shining moment I had it, but I never could get it back and the whole thing just got really annoying.  And don’t get me started on stinky wash cloths!  The oil would go rancid and the whole laundry would smell.

So then I went back to washing with soaps and my skin went back to looking tired and I thought it was all over with.

Then I remembered my friend Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is a master aromatherapist who helped me immensely in getting through the trauma of leaving Cricket to go back to work.  She worked with me to find the right essential oils to help balance my mood, help me with my grief (because I really did go through the 5 stages of grief), and to help stay focused at work when all I could think about was getting back to my little nursling.

Elizabeth owns a company called Lux Amare.  She sources all of her essential oils herself (no mid-level marketing here), and she has an unbelievable passion for helping mothers and babies.  She does all the blending and creating herself.  Right in her home.  No factories.  The amount of research she puts into her ingredients is astounding.  Every single one of her products is made with absolutely the best ingredients available.

So I was really excited when I found her Luxury Skin Care Oil.  I got a bottle and started using it.

Lux Amare Luxury Skin Care Oil
Lux Amare Luxury Skin Care Oil

Initially, I was using it in the same way I used my old oils.  I’d smear it on, walk around for a while, steam it off with a hot wash cloth, and wipe the rest off my face.  It was good.  I liked it.  Then Elizabeth and her daughter made a how-to video on youtube.  When I started following the instructions on the video, I realized that the Luxury Skin Care Oil wasn’t just good.  It was amazing and I loved it!  My skin was radiant, fresh, and it never got that rough feeling like I needed to scrub it.

Since then, I’ve kept up with using the Luxury oil, and it’s been fantastic.  No more rough, tired skin.  No more stinky wash cloths from the castor oil going rancid.  No more stripping old oil out of wash cloths with dawn and boiling water.  The Luxury Skin Care Oil washes out cleanly with the normal laundry.

The other really cool thing about the Luxury Skin Care Oil is that it’s not just for washing your face.  I love things that do more than one job.  Believe me, having worked at a high end cosmetics counter in my youth and using a 14 step skin care routine in the past, I am all about simple.  The Luxury Skin Care Oil works both as cleanser and moisturizer.  It also can be used as a bath oil, a shaving oil, an eye makeup remover, an oil for your hair (I rub the excess into my hair every night!), and it will even get rid of head lice in children safely and without the use of dangerous chemicals.  So basically, it’s pretty awesome stuff.

With the start of the Midwest winter, my skin started to freak out a little bit.  I called Elizabeth, and she recommended adding in her Pumpkin Jasmine Serum, which is part of her basic skin care line, although basic hardly describes this stuff.  It smells and feels like bottled luxury.  It’s really helped get me through fall without being too heavy.  And as winter progresses, I may switch over to the Acute Derma Soothe which is an ultra-rich, healing cream.  This is skin care I can handle.  It’s simple.  It works beautifully.  It fits with my busy lifestyle.  It leaves me feeling good about myself.

Lux Amare Skincare is simple, easy to use, and leaves me feeling beautiful.
Lux Amare Skincare is simple, easy to use, and leaves me feeling beautiful.

I spent a lot of time talking about the Lux Amare skin care, but that’s only a piece of what Elizabeth does.  Her Mama & Baby line is to die for.  If you are ever unsure what to give someone for a baby shower gift, look no further!  My personal favorite is the Chamomile Baby Rub (you will never, ever find chamomile like this! Believe me, I looked!), and the Fine French Lavender is some of the very best lavender you can buy.  Both are fantastic for fussy, gassy nights.

Now I know up in the title I said something about a give away.  Why yes!  We are doing a give away!  You can enter for your chance to win your very own bottle of Luxury Skin Care Oil.  We’re going into a stressful time of year, so it is a good time to remember to do some self-care.  We have to make sure our own cups are filled so that we can keep refilling everyone else’s.

To enter, please follow the link below to go to the Rafflecopter widget.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, December 11!


17 thoughts on “Revisiting Oil Cleansing and a Fabulous Give Away!

  1. I am new to essential oils but WOW am I a believer!! Katherine, my 20 month old, got a pretty major injury to her forehead, 4 gnarly deep gashes, 2 weeks ago. I was so scared of infection and scarring. I used the Baby Rub oil by Lux Amare, hopeful but skeptical. I have literally been brought to tears by the amazing healing properties of the oil blend. Two of the gashes are completely healed, no scarring at all! The two deepest cuts are still healing but already I can see that they will hardly be visible if at all! I am so thankful for Lux Amare!!!


  2. I’ve been using Lux Amare products for almost a year – I love the Tranquility Blend, I use the Derma Soothe daily and have just started using the cleansing oil daily as well as the pumpkin jasmine blend. I haven’t found any of her products that I don’t like! Amazing oils, amazing lady ♥


  3. Great article. Elizabeth creates magic. Both my daughter and my partner use the Acute Derma Sooth and I have the chakra blends, a toner, and a couple of bath and body oils. I want to try the pumpkin serum next. Thanks for spreading the news about Elizabeth and her amazing products.


  4. Midwest winters suck and crack my hands to bleeding rawness that nothing soothes. Recently started using coconut oil but the Restorative hand Cream looks even better


    1. OH, oops. Forgot to say which product looks good to us. It ALL looks fabulous, but since it is the height of sickness in my hubs’ second grade class, the immunity boosting wellness blend would be well used!


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