Drastic Steps: Facebook Detox

Tonight I did something dramatic. I deleted the Facebook apps from both of my iPads, removed the links and shortcuts from my computer, and posted a note telling people to call me or email me.

I’m setting a trial period. 3 weeks with no Facebook. I’m looking at it as a social experiment, but really I need to get it out of the way because it’s really interfering with my ability to be present with my children. Plus, I am sick of the drama brought to me by people I don’t know in real life and wouldn’t recognize if they walked past me on the street.

This evening, while watching Nickelodeon with the kids, there was a commercial with all these kids in amazing situations: camping, in a treehouse, at the beach, and you know what that commercial was for? Nintendo DS. Instead of enjoying the world around them and the amazing places they were blessed enough to be able to go to, they had their faces crammed into a video game. Like it was a good thing! I felt sick seeing that. I don’t want that for my kids.

I guess you could say this whole thing was inspired by one of my hyperemesis gravidarum sisters who recently left Facebook. I thought the idea had merit, but I was too afraid to cut loose.

Tonight sealed the deal for me though, if you don’t mind the horrible cliche. It’s been an awful day. Road construction kept Cricket from napping at all. She’s been cranky and miserable all day. Tonight, I’ve been completely exhausted and tuned out. The Grasshopper was in the tub and Cricket was running around, so I decided to pop in and check Facebook. Well, that turned into way, way too long of me sitting around doing God only knows what for God only knows how long. Seriously, what do you do on Facebook that takes that long anyway? How many Upworthy links, Sherlock gifs, and circumcision arguments can you read anyway?

During the time that I was farting around on Facebook, I heard them playing and reasoned that as long as they were laughing, it was all good. How wrong I was. I came into the bathroom to discover that the Grasshopper had poured several gallons of water from the tub onto the floor, telling her sister that the dog had peed. Cricket, who gets upset when the (elderly and incontinent) dog pees on the floor, was mopping it up with every single washcloth in the house. Not cool. I could not believe how much water was on the floor.

I ended up yelling really bad at the Grasshopper (not something I’m proud of), and having to mop up the whole mess, carry it downstairs, and run a load of laundry. She is grounded from TV through the weekend, which is a bummer because there is a Ninja Turtles marathon on.

And you know what? If I had just been present with them, none of this would have happened.

So goodbye Facebook. I’m just not able to have you in my life right now. I can’t be a good parent with you stealing my attention and I can’t seem to break away from your hypnotic grasp.

My plan is to start with 3 weeks. 3 weeks cold turkey. From there, I will see what happens. I will severely limit my feed to people I know in real life or people who I regularly have positive interactions with. I plan to reduce the number of groups I’m in pretty severely, too.

It’s going to be hard. I usually use Facebook as a way to make contact with my friends and plan outings with my mommy buddies, so I will have to work harder to keep from getting isolated. I’m also in a few how-to groups for cooking that I use fairly actively. But you know what? I have lots of cookbooks, and if I can find my phone, well, then I can get together with my friends that way.

As a final note, the irony of deleting Facebook and then immediately blogging about it isn’t lost on me. I’m trying to find other ways to find the balance I seek in my life and find healthier outlets for my energy.

4 thoughts on “Drastic Steps: Facebook Detox

  1. Good for you! That’s awesome!

    I left Facebook earlier this year.. then missed some like-minded groups I was a part of, and came back very minimally – it was good. THEN we got pregnant, and I am now completely re-addicted (staring at screens is about all there is to do during the first trimester) and know that I’ll have to address it soon. Facebook is not only horribly addictive, but it’s a time-sucker of the worst sort – as you say!

    On one of my various Facebook reforms, I did a massive clean-out of my people and groups, and that helped tremendously. In other words, I got rid of all groups that tended to be argument hogs (which means that almost every birth group got axed) and blocked people who were continually argumentative, political, hateful, etc. It was a big improvement.

    Here’s the article I wrote (before I got re-addicted, LOL):


    I wish you all the best! I need to start down that path again soon!


    1. Ah, thank you Diana. It’s now 5:30 in the morning and I’m awake to let the dog out to pee. There’s no way I can go back to sleep without risking sleeping in. I’m glad you posted that link. I will take some time to read all of the articles in that series.

      How are you hanging in? I’ve not been reading anyone’s blogs at all lately so I am so out of the loop. How has HG been this time around?


  2. Thanks for your post! Ya know, I went through a period of time, that I also realized that FB was causing problems for me interacting with my kids. I ended up turning off the notification on my phone (left the app on there though) and actually, we set up a desk/office space in the basement and I kept the computer down there. That wasn’t a place we hung out often, so it was hard to get on the internet. But, it wasn’t just FB I was trying to get away from, it was just.the overall internet. It was a good experience for me and helped a lot! However, my FB group is pretty small, I’ve identified the purpose (connecting with family and friends that I really genuinely want to stay connected with and it’s just helpful with FB, most people I have their phone numbers/email as well). It’s hard as mommies with little ones to have adult conversations via phone or in person. Texting is WAAAY easier, because you can share a sentence without redirecting your 3yr old. 🙂 Blessings to you and goodluck! Post about it! I’m following! 🙂


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