Wheat Bread Success!

I have finally had success in baking a loaf of wheat bread.  I think I had to get out my frustration in that earlier post in order to clear the way for baking success.

I thought and thought on what to do and where to go for a recipe.  Then it occurred to me that maybe the answers were in my trusty ABin5 book.

I found a recipe that I had thus far avoided right up front in the Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day book:  The Soft Wheat Sandwich Bread recipe.  I’d never tried it because it’s an enriched loaf.  But I decided to give it a shot.

Now this does have some unbleached all purpose flour in it.  It’s not 100% wheat.  It also has 5 eggs and 2/3 cup butter.  Not to mention 1/2 cup of honey.  It’s very enriched.  But all of this softens the bread making it more like the bread my family is used to eating from the grocery store.

I subbed 3 tablespoons of whey and 1 cup of leftover water from boiling potatoes in place of some of the water.  I just swapped equal amounts and crossed my fingers that it would be okay.  I am hoping that the addition of the whey to the dough, which is naturally stored for some time, would allow me to class this as a soaked bread recipe.

Baking was a total success.  I used the coated USA Pan loaf pan to bake it in and lightly greased it with butter just to make sure the loaf wouldn’t stick.  I’m not used to baking in a loaf pan so I was worried.  But it slid out just fine.

This loaf was a total success.  It was tasty, soft, not too heavy, and I felt good about feeding it to my family.  Apparently, my family felt good about eating it, too, because they just gobbled it right up and I’m already baking a second loaf this afternoon!

I’m so relieved to finally have some success with a loaf of wheat bread.  I wish it wasn’t such an enriched recipe.  I want to explore some options for a simpler, but still tasty, loaf.  5 eggs, 2/3 cup butter, and 1/2 cup honey isn’t exactly cheap, so I hope that I can find a way to tone that down.

But the loaf itself was rich and delicious.  Sweet, wheaty, and buttery tasting.  Almost like a whole wheat brioche loaf.  I’m glad enough of the success because it gives me a confidence boost and lends me the courage to keep trying for that perfect loaf of wheat bread.

Total score again on the ABin5 books.  They are just fantastic.

If you don’t have them yet, there are three out right now:

These books are awesome and worth every single penny.



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