Things that don’t belong in noses…

This week my husband and I leveled up in parenting. Cricket snagged an apple from the fruit bowl Sunday night for a pre-dinner snack. I heard her give a little cough and glanced over to make sure she hadn’t started to choke. She stood there beside the table with her eyes wide and her arms stiff at her side.

“Honey, are you okay? Did you get some down the wrong pipe?”

“Is in my nose.”

“You got some apple up your nose?”

“No, da ticker.”

My brain kicked into overdrive for a few seconds trying to figure out what a ticker is.  “You’ve got a sticker in your nose? What sticker?”

“Da Apple ticker.”

“You rolled the apple sticker up and stuck it in your nose? Does it hurt?”

She nodded. I rubbed my face with my hands and tried not to panic. Visions of emergency room doctors with probes danced in my mind. I reminded myself that nose-stashing was bound to happen at some point. Thankfully, the sticker was shallow enough in her nasal cavity that I could see it with the flashlight.

Her dad trundled downstairs with the tweezers, and a moment later he had removed the offending label from her orifice. She grinned, did a little jig, and went back to eating her apple, leaving us to ponder what it is that makes a preschooler think that sticking and apple sticker up the nose would be a good idea.

Now according to the nifty book our pediatrician gave us when our first daughter was born, you’re not supposed to try to use tweezers to pull out objects from children’s noses. That can actually push the objects deeper. You’re supposed to have them gently blow it out.  But Cricket still doesn’t quite understand the difference between blowing and sniffing and the possibility that she would actually hork it back into the dark recesses of her sinuses were pretty high.  So we went with the tweezer route.

With a preschooler, there truly is never a dull moment.  They are just all id all the time with no reason whatsoever for most of the things they do.  It’s a wonder any of us make it past our 10th birthdays.  I hope this is the end of our nasal adventures, but I wonder what she has in store for us next.

4 thoughts on “Things that don’t belong in noses…

  1. Oh, goodness! Good for you. We’ve been parents for almost ten years, but haven’t run across that one yet. I’m sure we’ll hit that stage sooner or later – it seems to be universal!!



    1. It’s only a matter of time! Ironically, the week before, I was eating an apple and talking on the phone and somehow managed to get a tiny piece of apple up my nose the backwards way. Oh, the burn! Thankfully, a saline flush cleared it out, but I can only imagine how the sticker must’ve hurt for Cricket.


  2. Can’t say I’ve had anything in noses, but we’ve certainly had out share of WTF moments. There was, for example, the time that Secondborn coated himself in Vaseline — great, heaping globs of Vaseline. First, I could hardly get him into the shower; I couldn’t pick him up! Then, once he *was* in the shower, I realized that Vaseline isn’t water-soluble. At all. So he was standing in the water, but the stuff wasn’t coming off. Then I went to my laptop to ask for help on Facebook, and my fingers were so slippery I could hardly type. ::sigh:: Not my best evening.


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