DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks and Pregnancy Cravings

Quick word of warning to anyone currently suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum:  I’ll be talking a lot about food in this post.  If reading about foods is a trigger for you, just skip this.

I grew up in College Station, Texas, which is home to Texas A&M University.  In my hometown, there is a restaurant called DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks.  DoubleDave’s is an institution in my hometown, and the biggest reason for that is a menu item called the Peproni Roll.  (Yeah, I know. They spell it funny!)  Basically, you can think of a peproni roll as a rolled up slice of pizza, except without the sauce.  They roll pepperoni and provolone cheese up in the pizza dough and bake it.  Then you dip it in ranch dressing or marinara sauce to eat it.

Peproni rolls are quite simply the best thing ever.

A few weeks ago, I had one of those pregnancy dreams.  You know, the really vivid kind.  All night long, I dreamed that I was in DoubleDave’s with my family.  They ordered pizza, but I, of course, ordered the rolls.  In my dream, everyone else’s food arrived, but my rolls just were not coming out of the oven.  They kept forgetting to bring them to our table.  In my dream, I finally lost my temper, grabbed the kid behind the counter by the front of the shirt, and shouted, “JUST GIVE ME MY GODDAMN PEPRONI ROLLS!”  I never got my rolls in the dream, and I woke up feeling miserable.

All day long, I obsessed about the rolls.  I tweeted about it.  I posted about it on Facebook.  I even learned about the history and origin of pepperoni rolls.  There’s actually a fellow out in West Virginia (the birthplace of the roll) with an entire website dedicated to them!  DoubleDave’s is listed under his Pepperoni Rolls Variations page (scroll to the bottom).

Finally, after looking at pages and pages of pictures of tantalizing rolls, I couldn’t stand it anymore.  Look, with the HG, it’s not too often that I get food cravings, but when I do, it is serious business.  I went to the DoubleDave’s website, and wrote them an only slightly hyperbolic letter:

Dear DoubleDave’s,

I’m writing as a life-long customer. I grew up in College Station eating at DoubleDave’s. We’ve moved to Ventura, California, and there are no DoubleDave’s. I feel bereft without your peproni rolls. I’m 7 months pregnant and I’m afraid I might wither away without some peproni rolls. Last night I dreamed about them, even. In my dream, my family got their pizza, but my peproni rolls just didn’t come out. I waited for hours for those rolls. It was really sad.

Please. I’m begging you. Pleading with you. Open a DoubleDave’s in Ventura. Without your peproni rolls, I don’t know how I can go on. I miss you DoubleDave’s. Please come to California. The weather’s great. Ventura is great. You could go surfing every day. You’d love it here, I promise.

With Love,


Within a couple of hours they wrote me back!


You have no idea how big a grin came across my face while reading this!  I don’t know, you may have already received replies from the rest of our gang as well.  We wish you were back here now!  In fact I would love to have a town full of pregnant DoubleDave’s fans right here in BCS!  🙂

Years ago we would occasionally ship Peproni rolls in dry ice.  I’m going to have Joe experiment a little and see how we can get some rolls out to Cali for you!  Maybe you could send us an In N Out burger?   I have to admit, Ventura sounds pretty good when it’s 104 degrees here!

I’ll bet you anything Double Dave Miller would sell you as many franchises in California as you could handle!

Thank you so much for the kind words and good luck with that baby Texan!

We will be in touch!


This kicked off a flurry of emails and activity that culminated in Double Dave’s shipping me 3 dozen–that’s 36!–peproni rolls, 2 t-shirts, a beach ball, stickers, magnets, and a whole bunch of other DoubleDave’s-related goodies.  And you know the cool part?  The t-shirts they sent were a size large and a size medium.  This means that I can wear one now while I’m pregnant**, and then after I have the baby, I’ll be able to wear the other one!  How awesome is that?

I’ll admit: When I opened that cooler full of rolls, I shed a few tears.  I couldn’t believe that I was standing in California looking at a taste of home.  It was pretty overwhelming think that these people I had never met had taken the time to be so kind to me.

As an added note, I discovered that DoubleDave’s has a sense of humor!  They shipped those rolls in a University of Texas styrofoam cooler!  Mr. Grasshopper is a maroon bleeding Aggie, and insisted on putting the empty cooler into the trash bin right away.  I fished the cooler out, and it’s providing plenty of family entertainment.  Hey, I went to UNT.  Longhorn coolers don’t bug me!  I make it appear in various unexpected places to assault his delicate Aggie sensibilities.  So not only did they send me a bunch of rolls and a ton of swag, they sent me ongoing entertainment!

The night those rolls arrived, I feasted.  It was heavenly.  The rolls they shipped were about half-way baked, so that means that when they come out of my oven, they don’t taste like re-heated, leftover rolls (which are still pretty good, by the way!).  These rolls taste like legitimately fresh and delicious, hot-out-of-the-oven, DoubleDave’s Peproni Rolls.

The Grasshopper has also developed a taste for rolls, unfortunately, which means I have to share.  Hmpf.  I was able to teach her the proper Texan way to eat the rolls, which means dipping them in ranch dressing, not marinara!  Her dad is stealing bites here and there, but mostly leaving them to me, which is very big-hearted of him.

I just want to send a big, huge thank you to the folks at Double Dave’s.  Thanks to Larry, Lily, Joe, and whoever else was involved in shipping me these rolls and all the DoubleDave’s swag.  There are a lot of foods that I can’t eat right now because of the stupid HG, but peproni rolls are just the right blend of awesome and deliciousness that they stay down just fine.

People of Double Dave’s:  You are amazing.  You serve great food, and you go above and beyond for your loyal fans.  Some time, probably next year, when I’m back in College Station visiting, I’ll come by, and I will find you guys (or Larry at least since Lily and Joe are, I think, in Austin), and I will thank you in person.  In fact, I’ll probably come in a few times while I’m there.  That’s usually the way it goes.  We fill up on Double Dave’s, Freebirds, and Blue Bell Ice Cream while we can!

And Readers, if you happen to be going through Texas, and you see a Double Dave’s, stop in and try the Peproni Rolls.  You will not be sorry!


*Turns out, my mom is pretty sure she knows Larry from way back when I was a kid in 4H because he also owns one of the copy stores in town.  So look out Larry!  My mom may be trying to track you down!  That’s small towns for you!

**I’ll try to get some pictures in the t-shirt at some point to post.  I had planned to take a few pictures on the beach this past Saturday specifically for this post, but I tried to do too much Saturday morning and I felt too sick to go out Saturday evening.  We’ll try again this weekend.