Leche Libre: Redefining the Look of Modern Motherhood


I breastfed my children for seven total years, and in that time, I wore more V-necks, camisoles, and double-layered t-shirts than you could shake a stick at. I got so sick of what I came to feel like was my uniform. I felt certain that nursing clothes would never be able to go much beyond the bland tops and pants that I had gotten so accustomed to wearing.

Then, a few months ago, in a Facebook group, I met Andrea, the founder of Leche Libre, a clothing line she designed in response to those same feelings of fashion blandness that I had felt! I could not believe what I was seeing. Could these clothes really be for nursing moms? They were so fashionable! Edgy, fun, and punk! And exactly the kind of thing I’d been yearning for in my breastfeeding days.


At a glance, I could think of a ton of different ways to style these dresses and tops. I could wear the dresses with tights and Doc Martens. I could throw on a pair of heels for at the office. I could imagine how perfect the jacket would be in the cool California evenings when the wind blows off the ocean and the Midwest winters when a V-neck is just too cold.

Andrea’s mission was to create a line of edgy nursing clothes that would empower women to breastfeed in public with confidence, and I’d say she nailed it.

Right now, Leche Libre is running a Kickstarter campaign. I am thrilled at the chance to share these gorgeous nursing clothes with you guys, and I’m excited to be able to support a woman-owned, mom-owned business. There are 8 days left in the Kickstarter, so now is the time to get in.



Some points to consider:

  • This is a mom-owned business. Andrea is building her business from the ground up, so supporting her not only gets you fabulous breastfeeding clothes, it helps another mom.
  • Leche Libre clothes are ethically made in the US, so you know that women on all sides of the transaction are being supported.
  • Andrea is teaming up with the Chicago Volunteer Doulas to coordinate donations of Leche Libre garments to teen moms who face the most barriers to breastfeeding, so even if you are no longer nursing, I would encourage you to get in on the Kickstarter to help support these young moms and their babies.

Andrea says, “Instead of thinking, ‘I just had a baby, my social life is over,’ I want women to say, ‘I just had a baby, now let’s go have some fun!’”

Visit Andrea’s Kickstarter page to and pledge your support to Leche Libre now before the campaign ends on September 1!



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This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated by Leche Libre for sharing my opinions.

Post Baby Fashion Crisis

Okay, let me be really clear.  This isn’t a fashion blog.  I’ve never been good at fashion at all.  But I have been stressed about the way I dress and the way I feel about the way I dress recently, so that’s why I’m writing about it.

I’ve always just worn jeans and t-shirts, with only a little variation.  My work “uniform” varied little from what my husband wears. Khaki or black slacks, a button up shirt (non-iron if you please), and flats.  Now that I’m not working, I find myself wearing jeans that are either a size too small or a size too big, an old t-shirt from high school (you read that right), yoga pants, or just a plain old nursing tank top that probably has milk or spaghetti stains on it somewhere.

One afternoon, I found myself going out on a date with with my husband wearing a long sleeved t-shirt, a black maxi skirt, my faithful red Toms, kelly green knee-socks, and my red ski parka.  I felt ridiculous.  Was this how low I had sunk?  Bless him, my husband had the grace to tell me that I looked beautiful no matter what I wore, but regardless of how he saw me, I didn’t feel good about myself.

It’s not that I’ve never noticed fashion.  There’s always been certain looks that I’ve admired.  I’ve just never thought, for whatever reason, that I could pull it off.  I’ve always been attracted to pretty dresses and skirts that have a vintage-y feel. Like Amy Adams in The Muppet Movie or like Mary Margaret (Ginnifer Goodwin) from Once Upon a Time.  But I also like more modern looks, like Clara Oswald from the past season of Doctor Who. And don’t get me started on steampunk stuff.  That Victorian-science-fictiony-adventurous mish-mash of awesomeness is just so, so cool.

But how do you turn all of that into a style?  Honestly?  I have no idea, but you know what?  I’m old enough and confident enough that I want to start wearing clothes that make me feel good about myself, that are fun, and express my personality much more honestly than a ratty old orchestra shirt from 1997.

A friend of mine has been giving me fashion advice lately, and her idea was to think of dressing thematically.  That idea has really helped me feel more self-assured in what I am choosing for myself.  She’s kind, but honest, and not at all afraid to say, “Okay, you know, I really don’t think that’s going to work for you.”  Everyone needs a friend like this.  Someone you send a quick selfie to and say, “What do you think?”

Another thing that has helped me figure out some outfits is Polyvore.  It lets me shop at home and play with multiple pieces from different stores without having to brave the anxiety-inducing mall.  I can play with an entire outfit, all the way down to shoes and accessories.

Having these outfits put together ahead of time really helps me to find what I want when I actually go to the store. This way, I end up with a full outfit instead of a jumble of individual pieces that I don’t know what to wear with what.  I also feel a lot more confident in my ability to, well, dress myself I suppose. I don’t worry too much about finding the exact same things as I put into the Polyvore collections, but it gives me an idea of what kinds of things I can put together.

Having these pictures to go off of gives me the ability to quickly dig through the clearance racks or go through TJ Maxx or Marshal’s or other discount store to see if they have something in the shape and/or color family I am interested in at the moment.

Below are a few examples of pictures I put together for myself to shop from.

Fall into winter into spring

More winter


Winter Outfit
Untitled #10
This kind of pre-shopping helps boost my confidence.  I will never be a fashionista.  And frankly, I’m not interested in becoming one.  But I do want to feel good about myself when I go out in public, and I finally am finding the confidence to dress the way I want to dress.  Is my body perfect post-baby?  Nope.  Will some people look at me and think I’m a little weird for wearing quirky outfits.  Probably.  And I don’t care.
My advice is this: Dress in a way that makes you feel good about yourself.  Screw everyone else.