Sightseeing in LA Before the Hyperemesis Gravidarum Starts

Yesterday, we drove to LA to do some tourist stuff.  We kind of had to since our car had to be taken to the dealership for some work and the closest dealer is in LA.  They gave us a lovely Cadillac that is completely pimped out, and, with the help of the Nav system, we got into all kinds of trouble.

First, we visited the La Brea Tar Pits, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.  It did not disappoint.  We did the walk around the big asphalt lake, which was very cool.  The big fiberglass mammoths are a little campy, but the lake itself (water on top of an asphalt quarry), was very cool.  The whole thing bubbles and fizzes with methane gas releases, and there’s this sheen of oil across the top of the water.  A huge fence keeps people back, away from the water.  Surrounding the lake are a few much smaller fenced areas (think 3′ x 3′) where the tar had apparently just randomly bubbled up.  The whole effect is pretty creepy.

la brea tar pits

We explored the museum area, which the Grasshopper seemed to really enjoy.  There were several docents in the museum with carts of different bone casts for her to touch, and later we got to walk around the grounds even more.  There were many tar pits in the park around the museum and lake that had been excavated, and a few that were being excavated right then.  There were a few with big bubbles of tar breaking the surface.  Scattered around the park were a lot more little spots where tar had bubbled up.  Some were old with permanent fences to keep people back.  Others were newer and had traffic cones marking them off.  Very cool and prehistoric.

It was a great outing, and I highly recommend that if you are ever in LA.  The Grasshopper loved seeing all the animal bones, and my husband and I thought the bubbling tar was very cool.

We ate lunch a few blocks away at a burger place.  I couldn’t do a burger today for some reason.  Something about the meat.  The idea of it just turned me off, but I did have their fried dill pickle chips and a salad.  I love fried dill pickles.  Slather those puppies in ranch dressing and I am one happy camper.  Fried pickles are a Southern food that this girl just craves.  Unfortunately, this burger joint tries to fancy them up with an apricot sauce.  Very California, but just not the way fried pickles are meant to be eaten.  Two little cups of ranch later and I was a happy camper.

How cliché is that?  The pregnant woman waxing poetic about pickles.  Hey, I’m just still happy to be waxing poetic about any kind of foodstuff.

My husband and I were talking about it in the car, and we both agreed that if it stayed like this, life would be pretty good.  Even if I had to take medicine all pregnancy, I would still love this.  It’s early, though.  I’m not going to set myself up for disappointment.

I managed to talk him into taking me to IKEA to get a few small things to finish off the Grasshopper’s room, and the nav system took us on a merry tour of LA.  We went through Korea town, Little Bangladesh, the Ethiopian neighborhood, Phillipino Town, and a variety of other places.  It was quite the downtown detour.  We made it to IKEA, got our stuff, and headed home.

I was exhausted.  I mean, seriously tired.

Then last night, I had bad dreams.  I dreamed that the pregnancy turned out to be ectopic, but there on the ultrasound was the perfect picture of a tiny, tiny baby with its heart just beating away.  If I didn’t have the surgery to remove it, I would die.  If I did, there would be no way to save the tiny baby.  I woke up feeling sad and unwell.

I have got to slow down.

I had to lay in bed a little longer this morning to wait for the Zofran to kick in before I could get up, and I’m finding that I need to sit mostly.  I think the illness is just very slowly creeping up on me.  I’m still mostly feeling okay, but sometimes a little wave will come along just to remind me.

I still want to rest up and try to see if we can go to Vietnamese New Year later today.  There’s the promise of excellent food and a neat cultural experience.  That’s something we can all get excited about.