I’m Definitely Nesting

This weekend is all about getting ready for the baby.

We’re picking up the components to convert the crib into a cosleeper.  This involves bed lifts, high density foam, and bungee cords.  Expect a full post later.

We’re washing and sorting through all of the newborn and 0-3 month sized clothes that we have leftover from when the Grasshopper was a baby.  We’re determining if we need to purchase any additional small items.  I think that aside from a few packs of onesies, we’ve got plenty.

I am trying to convince my husband to please go ahead and install the carseats already in case we run into a situation where they don’t both fit.  If that happens, I’m not sure what we’ll do.  He doesn’t seem to understand that getting this done is, for me, a biological imperative at this point.

I’m gathering the odds and ends that we’ll be packing into the bin to take to the birth center: the birth kit, clothing for the baby and me, and various other items like depends, dermaplast, aromatherapy kit, etc.

The nursing pillow covers are clean and I’ve put them on their pillows.  The drawers in my bedroom that I will be dedicating to the baby have been emptied and are ready to receive clothes, diapers, and blankets.  My nightstand has been emptied and is ready to become a temporary changing table.

And I’m feeling very satisfied sitting here listening to the washer wash its load of baby sheets, swaddling blankets, and breast pads, and the dryer dry its load of prefold diaper inserts for me to use as heavy-flow pads for my postpartum bleeding.

Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

Made it to 14 weeks!

I’m celebrating every little milestone.  Today, I am officially 14 weeks pregnant!

The app on my phone is still insisting that I’m in the 1st trimester though, which is really ticking me off.

Can you tell I’m full of pregnant lady crankiness?

I also may or may not be nesting.  I’ve been watching HGTV for the last few weeks, and I’m itching to do something.  The most obvious choice is hanging the curtains in the Grasshopper’s room that my mom made.  We’ll tackle that this weekend.  But I want to do more.  MORE I TELL YOU!

We have some hideously ugly lights in our dining room and over the stairs and in our halls and entryways.  Please, won’t someone think of the children?

Of course, if we get rid of all the horrible brass light fixtures, we’d need to replace the interior doorknobs because those are all brass, too.  And if we do that, I’d want to change out the two-tone brass and chrome faucets and towel racks in the master bath.  And the bathroom light fixtures which are also two-tone and very ugly.  But once we did that, I think things would feel much nicer.  Much more us.

Yeah.  Nesting?  I’m not sure since I never nested with the Grasshopper, but I have the powerful urge to take apart a doorknob and see how easy it would be to replace.  I thought nesting was more getting the baby’s room ready, which I’m not really interested in at all right now.

I may also be antsy because I’m waiting for UPS to deliver my Hypnobabies Home Study Course.  I ordered it yesterday, and it’s scheduled to be delivered today.

So I’m just generally feeling antsy today.

Also, my dog keeps farting.

Yeah, this is one of those posts I guess.  Happy Friday y’all!