My Stance on Abortion Rights

Hi y’all.  I just wanted to take a moment here briefly.  I have gotten some attention from outside sources recently, which is really exciting, but also really scary in that it makes me realize what a huge responsibility I hold to those who are reading who may be in the difficult place.  I am so excited to be able to share what I know with others, and I’m excited to blog about my pregnancy as a journaling tool for myself and to help educate other people.  I hope to create a resource for HG sufferers, their friends and family, and also to make this a place where those same people can feel safe.

Because of this I feel like I need to be clear where I stand on a few issues.

I welcome all to my blog. I value the experiences of my HG sisters, and if you feel moved to tell your story, I welcome that, too. I don’t know any of you in real life, but your experiences and beliefs are valid and precious to me.

I believe that the choice to terminate a pregnancy should be between a woman and her doctor.  I only had a moderate case of HG last time around, but the desperation and hopelessness I felt was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.  I would never judge someone who could not go through it. I understand what it’s like to be afraid pregnancy will kill you. It’s my understanding that many women are told they have no choice but to terminate a very wanted pregnancy because they were not given the same level of care and treatment that I received.   I hope to be the voice out there that tells you there is another option. However, I very much want to make sure that it never sounds like the only valid option is to continue a pregnancy you just can’t handle anymore.

I want this blog to be a place of openness and healing. I will not judge anyone for their views. I do not intend to post further on the issue of abortion rights, nor will I welcome political debate here. Any debate will be deleted, in order to maintain this blog as a safe space for hurting women. That hasn’t happened so far, but I just wanted to make that really clear. I’m not interested in debate. I’m getting attention from different sources now, and I wanted to take a moment and make it clear where I stand.

I will never, ever judge or cast aspersions on any woman who terminates a pregnancy for any reason. This has not happened yet, but I want to pro-actively say that I absolutely will not tolerate anyone casting aspersions in the comments section of my blog about any HGers who have to make that terrible choice. I feel absolutely confident that my regular readers would never do this, but for anyone stumbling across this blog for the first time, I say this: Do not mess with my HG sisters. I will not tolerate it.