Baby Gender: It’s a….


Yesterday was the day of the big ultrasound.  The one where they take all the measurements, look at the heart, the spine, the bones, the head, etc.  This is also the one where they tell you the sex of the baby, which we decided to go ahead and find out.

They don’t tell you if any of the anatomical stuff checks out.  They make you wait for the doctor for that information, so we get to sweat about that stuff until next Friday.  But most ultrasound techs will go ahead and tell you the sex of the baby if you ask them to.  Of course, we did.  So, she took a good look, and it turns out that it’s a girl!

She also printed out a very sweet picture of the baby sucking her thumb.  Let’s all take a moment and say, “Aaaaaaawww.”

sucking thumb


In case it’s hard for you to tell, she’s laying on her back with her head to the right.

So did you guess correctly in the poll?  I didn’t!  I was certain it was a boy.  Really, really certain.  Nope!  We’ve got a beautiful baby girl on the way.

When the ultrasound tech first told us, I thought she must be mistaken.  Then I felt a little bummed.  Let me be clear, I wasn’t bummed about the baby being a girl.  I don’t have some sort of idea that a boy would be better than a girl, nor do I feel the need to have one of each gender.  No, I was bummed that I had guessed wrong!

It took all of five minutes for me to get over the disappointment in my prognostication abilities, and now I’m excited and ready to go.  We’re going to have a beautiful baby girl!  Our little Grasshopper is going to have a little sister!  And best of all?  We don’t have to buy any clothes because we hung on to her old stuff!  I kid, I kid.  But seriously, this is great.  We are thrilled.

We’ve told our families, and, of course, the grandparents are thrilled, too.  My mother had guessed girl, and she was right on the money!  Go Mom!

I’m not sure how well the Grasshopper understands that the baby won’t be born with a tail after all.  For the record, I did ask the ultrasound tech to double-check to make sure.  Definitely no tail.  Regardless, they’ll have a great time playing and getting into trouble together.

Finding out the Baby’s Sex

I had imagined at the start of all of this that I would want to be surprised about the sex of the baby.  Imagine what a magical moment at the birth: “It’s a….!”  I’ve known a few people who have done that, and it’s so exciting to wait for the news!  You hit refresh over and over on their Facebook page and keep checking the twitter feed.  It’s thrilling!

Before the hyperemesis gravidarum, I wanted this.  I didn’t want to know until the moment of birth if I was having a boy or a girl.  Sure it would be tough not knowing.  Sure it would make me crazy.  I could handle it, though.  I could take the exquisite torture of having to wait.

Having re-experienced HG, though, I don’t think I’m able to wait.  I want to find out what the gender is. I almost feel like it’s a cookie that I earned somehow.  It’s as though, in my mind, I’ve been through enough punishment.  I just can’t handle anything self-inflicted even if it is positive.

My husband is thankful for my change of heart. I don’t think he could have gone 5 months without knowing, and I’m certain that he wouldn’t have been able to resist telling me. When he has a secret like that, one that is just so good and so exciting, he just can’t keep it to himself. He just can’t bear it. The news just bubbles up out of him. He loves to share things, especially big, happy things that other people will find exciting, too. Christmas and birthdays are torture for him because he wants to spill the beans so badly about what presents he bought. It’s adorable.

With all of that in mind, we will be finding out the sex of the baby next Wednesday when we go in for The Big Ultrasound!  I’m counting down the days!

I’ve even made a little poll for you guys to vote if you’re feeling in the guessing mood.  Check it out!  It’s over in the side-bar. See how good you are at psychic predictions!

We’ll let you guys know as soon as we find out.  Well, okay.  After we find out and after we tell our families.  My mom would absolutely slay me if I blogged or tweeted the news before she knew!  Who can blame her!

First Ultrasound

I am so excited to update you all on our first ultrasound.  Long story short, everything looks great.  We have a wee little one in there growing for all she is worth.  And the best part is, she’s in the right spot!

Just a quick not on the pronoun usage here.  It’s really cumbersome to write “he or she” constantly.  For now, I’ll just use the female pronoun.

Ultrasound showing yolk sac and double ring

The doctor said that things look fantastic.  We were not able to see the heartbeat, but that is to be expected at this early stage.  We did see the her little yolk sac though, and surrounding it is what the doctor referred to as a double ring.  Apparently, having this double ring appear is an indicator that this is an actual pregnancy and that there’s a little something that really is growing in there.  In the picture below, the dark oval in the middle is the amnio sack and the white lines above and below are the double ring.

A quick look around in my pelvic area revealed no extra babies growing where they shouldn’t be, and my husband was relieved that there is actually only one yolk sac.  He had to endure some good-natured teasing from me about that because my hGC (pregnancy hormone) numbers were so high.

Still only the tiniest signs that HG might be on the horizon.  The occasional 5 minutes of really needing to just sit very still crop up a couple of times a day.  It’s still too early to think that HG will pass me by this time, but I can certainly hope.  I feel the most questionable in the evenings.  Crummily enough, it’s right around story time for the Grasshopper.  So far, though, the wristband and the Unisom/B6 are keeping things under control.

It was a pretty happy morning.  My symptoms have been mild enough so far that it was nice to see that there actually is something going on in there.  I’m scheduled for weekly appointments moving forward.  Next week’s appointment is on Friday at 9 AM, and we’ll have another ultrasound at that time to make sure we can see a heartbeat.