We are Cloth Diapering!

We have switched to cloth diapers for Cricket for night time!

When the Grasshopper was near potty training (around 2), we had to switch to cloth at night.  Not even the heavy-duty overnight disposables could make it through the night without major leaks.  When that happened, I called up my good friend Jess who owns a cloth diaper store and wrote a fantastic guest post for me last year on cloth diapering.

Jess got me set up right away with bamboo fitteds and PUL covers.  For those not in the know, fitteds refer to a simple diaper shaped cloth… well, diaper.  It’s all cloth (in this case bamboo), and so to prevent leaks, you need a cover over it.  The PUL is the leak-proof material that the cover is made from.

Fitteds are awesome (and please just pretend I know what I’m talking about here) because they’re super absorbent and can hold a whole lot of pee.  They worked fabulously for Miss Grasshopper, and our days of changing sheets every night became a thing of the past.

Cricket has reached the point of diaper leaking much sooner.  I suspect this is probably because she nurses through the night every night where the Grasshopper slept through from a much earlier age.

I am tired of changing sheets every day, and thankfully my husband is too.  Because of this, he has agreed to try cloth diapering at night for Miss Cricket.  I was so excited to get out the sweet bamboo fitteds and the covers again.  I was pretty worried though.  Would they even fit?  We bought those for a 2-year-old!

Well, I’m happy to report that at 9 months, my freakishly large and adorable baby fits into her sisters 2-year-old diapers without a problem.  We’ve had her in cloth since Sunday night with nary a leak.

It will be a little different this time around.  The Grasshopper was 2 and not wetting every night.  By that point she was well on her way to potty training.  Cricket, obviously, is not potty trained.  This means my meagre stash of 3 fitteds and 2 covers is not going to cut it.

I need more diapers!

I’ve also decided to switch from the PUL covers to wool.  Unlike the plastic, wool breathes.  This is important going into summer with no air conditioning.  Seems a little counterintuitive that wool would be the coolest option in summer, but apparently it is the ideal option for moms in our area.  It also seems counterintuitive that a pair of knitted pants would hold pee and keep it from leaking.  I’m a little afraid.  I trust my friends, though, so when our brand new purple wool cover arrives on Friday, I’ll be excited to lanolize it and get it onto Cricket.

Thanks, Mr. Grasshopper, for your willingness to make this switch.

Katie in a Kooshie Kiesters fitted (no longer available) and a Thirsties cover